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Beautiful graphite chameleon or the shadow, who have not just become an alternative to UD Mushroom, but turned out to be a better replacement.

I love the shade taupe topovyh tones, and, despite the fact that I have probably 100,500 units😀, a pleasure to buy and enjoy something new. After reading several positive reviews on shadow Kiss New York, I really wanted to try them. Unfortunately, posts on them a little, but the color palette is wide, there is something to choose. In General, I could not resist and bought a couple.

Kiss New York eyeshadow single professional kses45 Graphite — the shade that I particularly would like to draw attention. This is a very beautiful and delicate grey mixed with purple, brown and even a greenish glare in the sun. It turns out such a complex graphite color is a chameleon, different player when the lights change. Until the purchase of my favorite varinta “complex” grey was the shade of UD Mushroom, but they Kiss lose New York on all fronts: in part shade, and even the quality, but about price, I generally keep quiet (390 vs R. R. 1800).

The color is gorgeous, I’m so impressed that I really want to try more olive tint, and maybe even one of the beige. The texture is soft, silky, fine grinding, fraying during application do not, despite the fact that in the shadows a lot of shining particles. The pigmentation is very high, almost no difference of applying with the base or without it. For durability, I still play it safe and paint the base, without it not tried. Shadows fall on the lid evenly from the first touch, and easily shade. Use them independently in mono-makeover because, in my opinion, they are self-sufficient and have no desire to dilute their other shadows.

The packaging is simple and unpretentious, solidly made, easy to open. Weight eye shadow 2.5 gr.

Photo in normal daylight:

In the sun:

On swatches bottom shadow applied without the base, top — base:

Price — 390 RUB.

Rating is 5.

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