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Brand apieu quite popular lately. Curiosity and I did not spare, and I bought 3 well-known product brand in satest ???? What came of it — under the cut) ⬇

In addition to the products listed in the post, “Koreans” in my Facials almost nothing) Only cream, which was a post — and impressions of him are very positive. Well, some cloth masks, I do not think ???? #serious. So no pre-enthusiastic expectations of miracles (I’m just much, too much, read the posts about Korean brands))) — I was not. So everything will be clear and to the point ????

  • All products were tested about 3 months.

  • Peeling gel for the face with PHA-acids apieu Naked peeling gel.

Peeling promises to gently remove dead skin cells, stimulate blood flow to cleanse even sensitive skin. In principle, the promise is quite logical, because polyhydroxy-acids (PHA) are positioned as acids, recommended for sensitive skin. This peel contains lactobionic acid (lactobionic acid).

What can I say:

  • Volume: 100 ml.
  • My sensitive (especially in the cheeks) the skin peels not irritating — as an indicator ???? Usually cheeks reactive respond to any peelings/scrubs.
  • In fact, it is the peeling-roll or scrub. Naked peeling gel is applied on clean and completely dry skin. After a little massaging on the skin is something like “pellets” ???? That just contain everything that you need to remove from the skin) Well you get the idea)
  • Massage the skin with peeling on the face it is recommended that 1-2 minutes. Then wash it with water. Regarding the frequency of use of the product — the manufacturer’s recommendations do not exist, but I don’t dare to use any peels more than 2 times a week.
  • Aroma peeling is almost imperceptible, so that even the most sensitive noses, I think, will be OK.
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A little gel.Already there are particles. That’s how they already look before the wash.

  • The bottom line: for me the peeling was very good. I can see the result in smoother and more purified person, the purification is also present. Deep dirt it will not delete (I do not expect this from Skadi), and surface — completely. In my opinion that works well in its segment product.
  • Price: about 500 rubles. Rating: 5.

  • Face cream with witch hazel Hamamelis Cream apieu.

The tube is in Korean)

The manufacturer promises that the cream will “effectively tighten pores and reduce sebum secretion” thanks to the witch hazel in the composition. Plus cream should be facilitated by correction of the vascular network, restore a healthy complexion, and even has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action. ???? In short, except that the pancakes do not bake ????

I was waiting for him all these miracles) No, I’m lying: a tiny hope for a miracle)))) I’m not good at compositions but I was surprised and interested that the cream in the first place is not a traditional “water”, but just same the extract of Hamamelis virginiana. I think, well… maybe, really working the product? But mainly, relied primarily on reducing (or at least not increase) oily T-zone this cream in the summer and for basic hydration. I can tell you now:

  • Volume: 50 ml.
  • There is a light smell, pleasant for me.
  • The cream has a gel texture. If you overdo it, will go on your skin so… white coating is seen in the photo below. But overall, the texture is normal, especially for the summer, well absorbed after absorption, no residue, just smooth skin without gloss/or on the contrary more opaque.
  • The cream is pleasant for me, packing is similar to pharmaceutical ointments, metal tube. The spout of the tube is wide, but it is possible to control the amount of cream by the pressure on the tube.
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The consistency of the gel.If you overdo it — will be a whitish bloom. And if you do not overdo it the cream is absorbed without residue and imperceptible)

  • The bottom line: honestly, no miracle has happened (really? ????). The cream gives a good moisturizing for me. Dryness/peeling, etc. on the cheeks is not noticed. But, as a rule, in the warm season, and so no. My skin is sufficiently hydrated, so that (moisture in the way) — doing almost any cream. No effect on the sebaceous glands was not observed very ???? And here it is column “unfulfilled promises”. The complexion was normal, not super, but okay))) But in the summer I have usually is)) so, in short: my opinion is plain cream. No miracles and most of the promises are not fulfilled. There is no negative, but positive too much. I can recommend it except as a basic “overnance” for Combi/oily skin.
  • Price: 750 RUB Rating: difficult, probably 3 (?). A promise is a promise))

  • Moisturizing night facial mask. Apieu Water sleeping mask “Good night”.

Contains birch SAP, extracts of chamomile, lavender and collagen. According to the manufacturer should not only moisturize the skin but also to tone, rejuvenate, tighten, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles. In General, brand apieu Amateur deployed promises, as I understand ???? I believe promises little from the mask was waiting for the main — just good hydration and a healthier complexion in the morning) Plus this is one of the most popular products of the brand, as I understand it, and besides — night of masks in my Arsenal of care)

  • The volume is decent: 105 ml.
  • The jar is weighty, soft to the touch, cute design for my taste) on the Inside under the main cover has a protective plastic membrane.
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  • Smell nice for me.
  • The manufacturer advises to apply the mask the last step of skin care before sleep. Rinse in the morning with warm water.
  • The texture is rather gel, but thick enough. At first, the mask is sticky on the skin, but in about 20 minutes, and sometimes 30 — stickiness is almost gone and the mask, slightly vetasses — leaves the skin just glossy Shine. Ie you can go to sleep without fear very strongly to slap a pillowcase ???? When applying the mask slightly cools the face, fresh feeling — in the summer it was nice in the winter — I don’t know… I’m always freezing ⛄ — would I be comfortable from such a chill person?????
  • Consumption, by the way, is quite moderate.

  • At the end: the mask I like???? Consider her worthy of running a moisturizing mask in the morning the skin is very saturated (this is when the normal application of the cream at night — not happen), and the complexion is more enjoyable than without it. Pores are not scored ???? wrinkles any effect have not noticed. Overall — highly recommend as a good basic hydrating mask. Especially if you’re lazy (like me ????) — and I prefer to apply something at night, and wash off already in the morning — still wash will))
  • Price: about 650 RUB. Rating: 5.

Overall, Marche is not definitive) Despite the fact that 2 of the three products for me is good, I believe that to give so many promises at once — a little bit ???? do you like it?) How do you like this Korean brand in General, whether favorites or underdogs. Share ????

*** Anya.

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