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What makes it so good and about my difficult struggle with pruritus and dermatitis — under the cut.????

Have a short introduction how I came to such a life. If you are not interested, then scroll to the next photo — there is more info about the serum.have

A couple of months ago, in the midst of sweltering summer heat, my skin began to be something terrible. None of the moisturizers are not doing their job put. Instead, they did not allow the skin to breathe and firmly scored the pores. Skin looked loose, stale, worn out. And the final touch was added by allergies, the origin of which I still don’t know, and massive hair loss. With the hair I was dealing separately — this will be another post.???? But the face, back and chest itched, itched, was sick, covered with some blisters, and fungal gormonalnye acne. This has caused incredible discomfort.???? ???? ???? No medical antihistamines or Korean essences, nor the change in care — nothing seemed to help. I realized that I had reached the point of no return, when I caught myself thinking I was uncontrollably purely on the machine, comb nail face and back to the blood. And then I decided it was time to move on to more decisive action.

The first thing harshly reviewed food.???? My diet was as follows: cereal grain in the water in the morning; fresh salads, fresh juices greens crude boiled chicken or fish fillet, seasonal fruits (apples, pears, pineapple, and citrus) in the afternoon and evening. Plus one day a week fasting on water. Honestly? As a person who, figuratively speaking, the day before yesterday, allowed myself to everything, and now forced to choke down the cabbage leaves — I went to the roof. No restaurants and cafes — all the food was cooking itself and carried in a special container.

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I got all my Korean a bottle of expensive care and cosmetics with acids — they didn’t have any good, only harm and aggravated skin irritation. Poikah information was dug up on the Internet. As a result, I stopped on what I need to do the bare minimum of care: cleansing with comfortable to the skin pH and feather-light texture moisturizer with healing components. It has long been known that nothing will moisturize the skin better than hyaluronic acid, and among the “magic” ingredients, promising solace to my troubled skin, it was proposed Niacinamide (vitamin B3), and sulfur.

Among the assortment of Chinese shops, my choice was small. Similar compounds in moisturizing cosmetics offers mostly Korean cosmetics and occasionally Deluxe segment. To buy this Suite is not wanted: I have this in bulk, I don’t know what to do now. In addition, the formula my mascara is too saturated — I didn’t want to overload the skin. That’s where I bought gel serum CLIV, pharmacy ointment with sulphur for mere pennies and picked up something from what I had before in the inventory. In General, in terms of costs — it got a little blood.????

I already had experience with cosmeceuticals CLIV, in particular a cream for the eye area. I have recently finished. I used it all summer, as its light texture is just perfect for hot and humid climate. And the serum is a real “lifesaver”, for me it is an indispensable product.

She has a simple packagingsimilar to many Korean ampoule serum. Pot-bellied glass bottle and the lid with silicone pump that Unscrew. The dropper is also glass. It is long, allows you to dial the tool even with the bottom. Very cool limiter. When I took the photo, I still had a full jar. I feared that liquid whey does not leak from the bottle and does not stain the paper. Fortunately, nothing happened — the contents are not leaking.

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From CLIV several different serums. My bottle refers to an ultra-hydrating series — it’s blue shade Tiffany.

Vorotki cool texturethat will suit oily skin in summer moisture. It is non-viscous, jelly-like gel, transparent jelly, in the thick of which float myriads of small bubbles. In contact with skin turns to watery jelly.

Serum does not contain alcohol, dyes and mineral oils. The composition is simple, and the formula is very well thought out: Niacinamide (fourth), polysaccharides, and hyaluronic acid (80% of total weight) for moisturizing, adenosine, rose water and a complex of herbs and plants (witch hazel, pumpkin, ofiopogon Japanese, berries, blueberry, cotton grass, elm David, Jasmine white, lavender, safflower, peach, mushroom-Phellinus linteus).

In my opinion, the disadvantages of serum no, and dignity I will now list:

+ lightweight, quickly absorbed watery texture that does not overload the skin;

+ fresh, pleasant smell;

+ not sticky;

+ not greasy;

+ accelerates the healing of damaged skin, promote the regeneration — all I combed, heals much faster;

+ moisturizes the skin,???? and the effect persists for a long time — I no longer suffer from constant dryness and stenostola after washing;

+ improves complexion — my skin has become less dull, skin tone cleared up;

+ energetischer and tones the skin — my skin has become easier to cope with the change of weather, change of food and mode of the day, it’s not so sluggish and looks better;

+ soothes sensitive and irritated skin — now my skin is not so sensitive to the change of care or junk food, decreased sensitivity;

+ eliminates itching and burning (for me the most important thing, now, though the night was sleep);

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+ treat acne, reduces inflammation — I remember being sprinkled at the beginning, just living on the face was not, but now there are only small pockets with hormonal acne;

+ easy to fit into any system of care — serum goes well with any cosmetics (well, except for those that contain components that conflict with Niacinamide);

+ revives tired and dehydrated skin — at first I tried to treat all acids, and severely dry skin: it was like a cracked matting. After introduction to skin care the skin is more supple, soft, less red from temperature changes when washing.

+ suitable for any time of the year

In about the consumption needless to say — I have it huge. I apply 3-4 pipettes first week, morning and evening, and now 1-2, and I have less than half the bottle. It doesn’t bother me, because the main thing — a stable result.

I’m so excited about this serum that I wanted to try others: for oily skin, or vitamin C.

Country of origin: South Korea

Price: 50 ml — 279 yuan (about 2659 RUB)

Period of use: from August 26, 2018

Rating: 5+

The skin fly far. There is progress, though not much noticeable. Most of the problems with unevenness of the skin and acne. I wanted since the beginning of September to show you some beautiful blush and lipsticks, but with this skin it’s impossible.???? That’s why I now almost do not buy anything and rarely write posts. Need to finish a lot of started and to cure the person. However, I’m still here, read your comments and answer questions, if any.????

Thank you for your attention.????


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