Krasnoarmeisky research Institute of mechanization has released a new line of cosmetics

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Krasnoarmeisky research Institute of mechanization (KNIIM) of the group “tehmash” has launched serial production of the new expanded line of innovative cosmetic products based on whey KNIIM Cosmetics.

Tools specifically designed for the population of major cities and neutralize the harmful effects of industrial emissions, heavy metals and other man-made pollution on the skin and hair of a person.

“Given the environmental situation in many regions of the country, we as part of the diversification launched the production of cleansing cosmetics, which has no analogues in Russia. These shampoos, shower gels and liquid soap for various skin types and hair. The highlight of the recipe is the use of natural live milk whey. The effectiveness of this product yet know our ancestors – the many peoples of the world there were recipes of cosmetic products based on it. Our technologists have achieved the preservation of useful minerals whey in the manufacture of cosmetic products”, – said General Director KNIIM Nikita Chikunov.

All tools have passed obligatory certification, and the voluntary research participants, there was an overall skin hydration after the application of funds and the effective removal of various industrial pollution: soot, fuel and lubricants and paints, small metal shavings, construction dust, etc.

The line of products KNIIM Cosmetics created on the basis of the earlier formulations of already known and established in the market under the brands “Bioclim”, “Desalia and Despoti”. The difference of the new formula in the content of the additional component is a natural plant decoctions and extracts, providing a beneficial and therapeutic effect on the skin and hair.

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Initially cosmetics in Krasnoarmeisky research Institute of mechanization was developed for use in nuclear power plants, its composition includes substances which helps to clean the surface of the skin and hair residues of radioactive substances and salts of heavy metals. Cosmetics production CNRI approved by the Institute of occupational medicine Academy of medical Sciences.

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