Kukui oil mask-foam with Japanese medlars, and other beauty innovations of the week


Penelope Cruz

Shampoo, conditioner and mask with a Hawaiian nut, the night mask with the seed extract of green Yuzu and other novelties of autumn.

J’adore Absolu, Dior (8 200 rubles)

J’adore Absolu is, of course, an ode to the precious flower Absolutes — it describes his creation of françois Demachy, senior perfumer of Dior.

The fragrance you probably guess by the first notes — Sambac Jasmine absolute and Grasse Jasmine (the flower is collected in a fixed time, early in the wee hours, until it is covered with morning dew and just beginning to unfold with the first rays of the sun), orange and rose.

This version of the legendary fragrance (and we are now without exaggeration, a composition called “liquid gold”) are more fruit, fresh and liquor. Appearance of new items is almost the same — it is placed in an elegant bottle in the form of amphorae. The face of the advertising campaign for the umpteenth time was Hollywood actress Charlize Theron. In the video, she emerges from the pool with Golden water and defiles in a translucent dress, accompanied by several girls under the track Kanye West Flashing Lights.

Mask and night mask WASO, Shiseido (2 and 3 600 RUB 600 RUB.)

New masks WASO promise to save our skin from the effects of stress, lack of sleep, fatigue, and environmental pollution. Mask (the one in cheerful pink package) gently cleanses, eliminating impurities and other causes of rash, making the face smooth and hydrated. The main ingredient of the new red Perilla or Japanese Basil. This plant is rich in vitamins and minerals, has the ability to remove toxins and fight with a dull tone. The mask also includes cells of loquat Japanese, powdery particles of Anti-pollution Powder and the extract of peony root and DGL (experts call this mix Anti-blemish technology).

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Night mask seed extract green Yuzu (a Japanese citrus fruit) fills the skin with energy during sleep that the next morning she looked healthy, radiant and well-rested (even if you slept a couple of hours). Responsible for hydration extract of phytoplankton, safflower oil, extract of Asian ginseng, the protoplasts of the carrot root and the same technology Anti-blemish.

Silver shampoo Silver Shine Blond Shampoo, Bouticle (490 RUB)

Another finding for platinum blondes. Included in the formula of the shampoo from Italian brand Bouticle purple pigments effectively neutralize the unwanted yellow shades. The new product will be suitable for those who want to give your hair a fashion now a silvery hue. For that wow effect to leave the shampoo on for a little longer than necessary. Pour a liberal amount of shampoo to wet hair, massage into scalp and leave on for three to five minutes. Rinse your hair with cool water and finish with a silver conditioner.

Updated gamma Elixir Ultime, Kerastase

In the updated “gold” range Elixir Ultime launched in 2010, includes shampoo, bath, lotion, oil, and masks for different hair types, including colored and thin. As before, consisting of all funds — oleo-complex that combines four precious oils, in particular, Marula and Camellia. Every drop of this oil contains approximately 82% oleic acid (omega-9) and 12% linoleic acid. These ingredients make the hair manageable, soft and shiny like after lamination.

Pair fragrance Avon Life Colour (1 599 RUB.)

Russia finally got paired fragrances Avon Life Colour, developed in conjunction with world renowned designer and perfumer Kenzo Takada.
I believe that the Avon Colour aromas of Life will bring to life something beautiful. In this collection I tried to capture this happiness with all its many shades, proudly said Kenzo about his creation.

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Men’s and women’s fragrances are United by one note — the Magnolia (the flower is associated with childhood). The song “for her” turned out to be sweet and rich with a delicious pear and raspberry accords. Avon Life Colour for men is a mix of tart tea mate lemon, ginger, sage and woody notes. For cold and dank autumn.

Line matte tonal Matte Velvet Skin Foundation, Make Up For Ever (2850 rbl.)

It seems that legendary makeup Mat Velvet+, designed for photo and video shooting, there was a serious competition. A collection of Matte Velvet Skin Foundation liquid classic includes tinted moisturizer and Foundation powder in a compact package. The main advantage is they provide a perfect matte finish. The formula is so plastic that the tool will not be treacherous to hide in the wrinkles and cracks. Resistance promise to “extreme” (all 24 hours without a break for lunch), but if you are familiar with other Foundation products from the brand, this information will not surprise you. The coating is so dense that it completely covers dark spots and dark circles under the eyes.

Applied innovations is better than the fingers or a brush and sponge Silex Blender. This device, similar to a sponge, created from a silicone mold Silex. By the flat part to spread the product, and the lower face, the tip of the sponge is ideal for the study of the area under the eyes and around the nose, and a rounded part for applying cream blush or sculpturing tools.

Lipstick L’absolu Rouge Drama Matte, Lancome (2 632 RUB.)

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Lancome brand is famous not only for the tonal resources, but also lipsticks. So, this fall, Lisa Eldridge, creative Director make-up brand has developed 15 new ultramatic shades of L’absolu Rouge Dramma Matte. Particularly good orange-red Red Obsessive 157, 388 Lancome purple Rose and purple 507 Dram’Atic. The formula has not changed, unless became a little more creamy (it’s all in the jojoba oil) and more vibrant than other matte lipsticks.

The face of the new launch was actress and brand Ambassador of Lancome Penelope Cruz. She took part in a photo shoot Murtha of Alas and Marcus Piggott and showed a dark red tinge Adoration 505.

Line of hair care products Good Hair Day, OGX

Black-black new from OGX came to our office just before Halloween. It turned out that the line’s products is still not coal, and oil with a funny name Kukui. This oil is the Kukui, or Hawaiian nut is a great moisturizer for hair, it smooths the curls even in high humidity and adds Shine. The line includes traditionally three products: shampoo with sulfate-free Surfactants, conditioner and oil spray.

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