Kylie Jenner has released a Christmas collection of funds for makeup

Cristmas ideas

Kylie Jenner

Of Christmas have to wait more than a month, but preparations have already begun. Some celebrities are making plans for the holidays, while others use a festive occasion to work. 21-year-old Kylie Jenner announces the release of its festive collection of cosmetics of its brand.

Younger sister Kim Kardashian decided to break the tradition and herself became the face of the winter collection of Zara Cosmetics.

My third annual festive collection – announced Kylie to Instagram.

Kylie Jenner

The advertising picture shows she appeared on the background of white snow in a white mini-dress and snowboard goggles.

To sum up the expiring year, for Kylie it was a success, Jenner was included in the list of the richest women according to Forbes, including the sales and popularity of the makeup Cosmetics from Kylie.

Photo from Instagram Kylie Jenner

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