Kylie Jenner took the video with his trademark makeup

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Kylie Jenner

For 21-year-old Kylie Jenner makeover — it’s not just an opportunity to grow your business, but also an art form. Tuesday night the owner of a beauty Empire and the youngest billionaire in the world has recorded a video for American Vogue. In a short two-minute video, the star was told that meant to her unique beauty and how make affects her mood.

Experiments with makeup makes me feel more confident. I feel I can create any mood that you want. Makeup for me is an art form and the opportunity to Express themselves and be creative. It’s all very, very funny, but sometimes the creation of the image itself is quite complex. Getting harder and harder to be different,

she said.

A young mother stated that she does not consider herself a conservative. For example, she may like pink hair, but after only a week she wants something else. In the video, the star admitted that the choice of makeup is linked with her state of mind. This means that in one moment she can put make-up eyes bright pink eye shadow, and then suddenly wear a blue wig.

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