La Miso hydrogel patches for Syn Ake skin around the eyes

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When else, if not Sunday night, to talk about the product that Monday morning will make you a person, not a Panda!?

The patches are now in fashion in any weather, they came up with a great many, and they function different, except that cleaning the house doesn’t make. Want can eye to fasten it, you want — on the forehead, and even on the nasolabial folds, versatility is everything.

Patches had a lot of different tried, specifically these are already more than a month, but alas, not every day — elementary time in the morning sometimes little. There would be eyes open in General, and the head from under the blanket to stick… not that patches to glue. But I’m the glue!

With the Korean brand La Miso I have long been acquainted, and, as a rule, their products make me happy. These patches are bought on the advice of a friend, at first I was confused by that terrible word Syn Ake patches with snake venom. So Yes, by the way, it happens. It was only later I read that it’s not real poison, and synthesized in the laboratory analogue of Viper venom. Fee, how disgusting, you say.

That’s just the patches work and how they work.

As you can see, my has come to an end, and therefore the product went!

Say, this is the analog of the snake venom relaxes the muscles, so that wrinkles getting smaller and they are smoothed. Well I will say this… I have almost no wrinkles, so can’t say anything. But the fact that edema these patches handle it safely and easily is please.

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Cool moisturize, nourish and generally very easy comrades. Not slide, lie so, where to put them. And I like their color, they are beige-pink, and when their glue under the eyes, almost not visible, this means that the mentality of your men will not suffer if he suddenly finds you in the patch!

Serum or liquid in which they soaked in a lot of patches, so they can be safely used to the end and not be afraid that the product dries. Apply the patches for 15-20 minutes in the morning on cleansed skin.

And, by the way, they can be dissolved in water and then use it instead of lotion. Very convenient to travel, when not hunting to drag a lot of jars.

I liked the product, I can safely recommend.

1500₽цена10/10оценка1 month, 6P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin, sensitive skin

I have everything! I hope that was helpful!

And do you have any favorite patches?

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