LA Splash

LA Splash brand new to me. And new I try I like, though sometimes scary: I usually prefer well-known quality known brands. But the interest in our business an important thing and even responsible.

Today on the agenda of several tools from American brand LA Splash — concealer, eyeliner and lip gloss.

The packaging also deserves attention — outside the box opening boxes, of which roll out the balls, and glitter — it’s just a masterpiece of art Deco!

UD Cream Foundation #Sesame (Fair)

New year’s eve ball, nothing else. Very photogenic on the one hand, but on the other does not, so that the reflection at 200%, it was necessary to wave to you))

So this ball that spins in the middle and has a plastic stopper.

The tone is bright, very well-balanced. It is not pink and not yellow. Light. I now the tone is lighter, but the shading in the eye is not evident. But as early as the summer and face a little tanned, I use the top of your “summer” darker powder Santici.

The cream is quite thick and very different is applied to the face. I found the most comfortable way — with the aid of byteblaster. So the coating is smooth, thin and uniform. The degree of coverage is very high, freckles and other spots on the hides of times (see Swatch below).

The skin does not dry, not greasy, smells good, has a comfortable texture and a slightly moist finish. I use the finishing powder more out of habit, but in fact could do.

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Wings UD Waterproof Eyeliner Mousse #Sinner (black)

Same ball as concealer, only smaller. Dense, comfortable plastic limiter. Eyeliner seems to be in the package very, very much, she seems never-ending. To use the flow almost invisible.

In the “ball” eyeliner glossy seems. It is when applied but as it dries it dries and the finish becomes matte.

I’m trying a product your flat brush in the set, nothing goes. I think it’s good you choose a proven tool, which will draw the correct arrows.

Ink dries instantly, you can safely draw all the lines, paint required and if you want to have time to correct. Lasts until the evening without changes, does not tarnish, not rolled, not imprinted. Washed off easily usual micellar water.

Sinfully Angelic Diamond Lipgloss #14808 Divinity

Packaging from the “expensive-rich”, very interesting after stylish balls with eyeliner and Foundation. But, of course, will find (and finds its admirers).

Unscrew easily, does not leak, one dipping is enough to fully paint the lips, it is very convenient.

Shade of peachy pink with shimmer. When I first tried glitter on my hands, I thought it would be the mAh. But the lips close and the makeup in General looks very gently and organically, only slightly giving a timid tide.

Glitter I put one thin layer. The color density is not affected, but excess Shine can lead to stickiness. I long ago lost the habit, so I prefer to apply the product sparingly. So he takes care of the lips, enveloping them and not giving weathered lips.

Sponge small, spicy, moderately elastic, comfortable:

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Swatch all the products together. Tone on the hand a couple of weeks ago, it is still very different, but each week the skin appears brighter, and after a month, I think I’ll be able to go at him with his usual bright powder.

Effect tones: only the care — struck tone — distributed his byteblastermv

With the tone up close. Lies with dignity. In the pores does not fall down and nothing emphasizes.

Unusual ultra-matte finish leashes:

Swatch of the gloss:

And of course the image as a whole:

And you are familiar with the brand LA Splash? What is love?

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