Lacquer, which I fell in love: Le Vernis Longue Tenue Chanel in shade 917 Opulence

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The brand Chanel has encouraged his fans a wonderful spring collection, but I never tire of Declaration of love Christmas collection Le Maximalisme today and tell about the incredibly beautiful limited edition nail Polish Le Vernis Longue Tenue in shade 917 Opulence.

Le Vernis Longue Tenue in shade 917 Opulence

So, I ask under kat.

Ukrany Polish from the Christmas collection Chanel caught my attention on the promo photos, but to rate it it took me a while. When we first met it seemed too complicated and I came to the conclusion that it isn’t working for me. But the fate did not go away and walk by a cosmetic shop Gdansk ended buying not only very beautiful the palette of lipsticks, but this Polish.

The varnish is packaged in classic black cardboard box which has the name of the shade and other necessary information.


The bottle of varnish is also typical of the brand.


The brush is thin and for me personally very convenient.


I have mentioned in previous posts that the tassels Chanel polishes for me are the most comfortable and maneuverable.

The consistency of the nail Polish for me is also very comfortable. Lacquer is not too thick and not too liquid. In a single layer dries quickly, in about 5 minutes.

The shade is very difficult. His play and the play is difficult to capture in the photo, but in life the lacquer plays from gold to purple. Static tint looks like melted aged bronze, but when the nails fall sunshine or electric light, they are incredibly beautiful shimmer. I love to watch this wonderful shade.

Photo taken on the street in daylight. In all the pictures the nails are top-coated Le Gel Coat from Chanel.Manicure 4 days

The name of the shade is translated as “wealth” and this is probably the main Association that comes to my mind in relation to this varnish. He as an incredibly elegant and luxurious dress from Chanel for your nails. Manicure varnish it always attracts attention, but looks appropriate and tasteful.

Durability of varnish on my nails for 5-6 days, this is due primarily to the fact that household chores I do not do.

To summarize, I can say that at the moment this is the most beautiful color in my modest collection that I really like.

Price: 1550 RUB( 25% discount)

Period of use: January 3 manicure

Rating: 5+++( for an interesting color)

Thanks for read my post, I hope you found it interesting.

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