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Cosmetics Lancome I always thought that “adult” and looked back often. And then at one point I had four funds. I will gradually share information.

Will start with the most heavily used and useful in my bag. The lip balm.

My lips are such that without anything I can’t walk at all — I can’t stand neither on the street nor in the room. Balms/hygienicke and such have me with you always. Therefore, the new balm, I was happy as a mother.

A cardboard mirror box. The enclosed insert, but there are small comments about what the balm moisturizes, softens, nourishes and makes the lips smooth and elastic.

Inside beige soft plastic tube with screw Golden cap. Underneath the beveled plastic tip. A week in the bag tube has not changed — not scratched and looks just like the first day. Apply can be as straight from the tube and with your finger, if your hands are clean.

The balm — white dense fragrant cream. I am sweet with a note of acidity (rose something rose prevails). On the lips just looks clear. The main thing is not to overdo it when applying, else it’ll get ugly white ridges on the edges. (However, this is mostly my personal problem — an old habit put a little more in the corners.) For good this balm does not require abundant of application — a thin layer is enough. And you can’t update often (I do this 2-3 times less) because of the density and density it holds and feel on the lips longer.

I like the care balm gives lips. All the difference between him and some inexpensive hygienical huge. Higienico melts, disappears, absorbed and I have to update the layer already after 0.5 to 1 hour. Here I do it less often — about every 2-3 hours. With regard to comparable — I’m a fan of Korean balms (I prefer dense rich texture). And this balm for characteristics close to the Korean as physical (small pressing force, thickness, density, even the fragrance similar) and behavioral characteristics (like lying look, and how long leaves lips comfortable condition). I’m sure that will be good for the winter.

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And he has a good ability to heal minor wounds. While playing with the fit I was badly scratched — in the crook of a finger smooth cut — uncomfortable and painful. Cost apply three times during the day — the next problem was gone (Korean balms too good with this but available hygienicke not all).

Important point — there is in the honey. Not in the first position, but it is. Allergies and asthma like I do, this is worth remembering. Personally, I recently (last 5 years) hardly reacted to the med, but apparently it depends on the degree of purification or something like that (not in chemistry). However, I do in such cases, a pre-skin test on the crook of the elbow just in case. Not yet responded.

The balm is like a pleasure to use.. The consumption is small, which is good news. Likely that I will buy again. It all came together that I would like to get from this kind of tool care, convenience, density and, importantly, flavor.

Volume: 15 ml.

Cost: 2800-3600 RUB.

Use: 17.08.2018.

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