Lancome Absolue Precious Cells Rose Drop Night Concentrate Night biphasic Peeling peeling concentrate to upgrade and transformation of the skin

Earlier I wrote about the wonderful lip balm (post), and now we are talking about the peeling is another novelty of the brand.

The peeling has gone from me immediately, so I waited with writing — opinion was formed immediately. Now ready to tell.

The original cardboard box, inside of the abstract and frosted glass a very small Bank with peeling, cap dumbbell shape, plastic. Closes tightly with a click. Under cover dispenser, which gives a small portion of the concentrate.

Inside the two phases at the bottom and pink on top yellow color of turmeric oily. After mixing, they literally instantly separated back — it happens really quickly.

Smell means I can’t feel. Any flavor it has.

My skin is combination, often problematic — therefore, a meeting promised to be interesting.

Peeling-concentrate should help to stimulate the renewal of skin cells. For a more uniform and radiant complexion. The manufacturer advises to use daily or courses. In the composition of 3.5% glycolic acid and the oil of the argan tree, among others.

The manufacturer advises to apply immediately after cleansing two servings of the product. On top you can close or not to close cream. And the day needs sun protection product with at least спф15.

I applied every evening on dry and cleansed face. All over the face and under the chin I needed 3 clicks of the pump (I increased the dose on their own, otherwise I was missing about a third person). Distributed your fingers, waited until absorbed, then apply the cream eyeshadow on top and peeling-concentrate to your usual cream.

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Somewhere in the middle of the first week I had problems subcutaneous character on one cheek from ear to the top lip on the arch and on chin — about a dozen large subcutaneous lump, for two weeks they stayed. Why am I so in detail describe where localized because they were quite unusual for me — never on my cheeks I have not seen anything like that, even in the blooming youth. It scared me enough after the first week we switched from jednego use concentrate on “a day/two”, until they figured out what was wrong. It was not in concentrate (this is shown by subsequent daily use), and that I had to put in some new care products (lotion, serum, day cream) and something with something did not get along. In the end, I eliminated almost all resumed use of the concentrate business has gone uphill. To focus on how the three weeks I was dealing with podminkami in detail will not, I will only say that their remains are the peels helped get rid of fast enough.

In the end I got that the first week I used the peel every day, the second in a day/two, three and four again on a daily basis. Part of the dissolved podnosnikow were only specks, which gradually pass, the rest have disappeared completely. Any special changes I didn’t notice, but the reflection in the mirror I rather like. The peeling I have no in principle, but with black dots I struggle regularly myself — there has not been much change. Really rubbing that spontaneously appear on the face here and there was noticeably less (subjectively).

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It seems to me that peeling-concentrate suitable for those who are just starting to get acquainted with the peels and afraid of high concentrations, as well as fans of the oils to care for.

I liked the product and I am happy to meet him. I would buy myself? No — still my allergies careful in the selection of oils to care for, and the price. If not testing, I wouldn’t even look in the direction of the product. But it was good. I hope that it will find its fans.

Cost: RUB 6450-8600

Volume: 15 ml.

Use: 17.08.

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