Lancome Advanced Genifique Youth Activating Concentrate

She is my old PAL… How many moments we had, how much reflection.

I decided to share.

The serum is not new, in 2011-2012, the shaggy, if I am not mistaken, it already existed. Since then much water has flowed and many times we met. Format of probes, in thumbnail format, and even Panoramica. But that was long ago. The miniature I finished, Panoramico quickly added in due time. The serum didn’t love, and that’s what I don’t remember. And then I come across again the miniature. Was given as a gift with purchase. The tool is hard, it is time to tell perhaps then to let go and stop me getting caught.

My miniature was in a cardboard box with a face cream (it then someday, maybe).

I have a plastic packaging, plastic dropper. But soundly. Have full-size it’s all glass — it is heavy. Serum gel is transparent and odorless. Instantly absorbed, easily distributed and a bit “snotty”.

At first it seems nice, there is a feeling of wetness, at least not for long. But it at first and if you use regularly. With regular use, personally I have it causes serious skin problems — podkonice, acne and other evil joy. Feeling more moisture than before while using from a week and later never comes.

When its appearance in care-time and non-permanent — not like there is anything wrong with that, but when she comes into the routine — it is noticeable — podkonice appear one by one. Lights smooth taste, purity, freshness, tone, firmness, elasticity, density, smoothness, any effect on my wrinkles, I did not notice. Improve at least some relative to these symptoms too.

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Applied after cleansing and before skin care. Used as evening care, tried and how the day. After the appearance of the thumbnail is immediately clear remembered why I got rid of the former, and why did you give out all the sachets. Memory’s a tricky thing — for a few years all the bad weathered. And now the memory stood up to his full height.

Of course, I do not exclude that could do something wrong and that this serum requires something that I haven’t given it for full disclosure. But the fact that she is not my hero — fact. And okay didn’t do anything wrong, but my subcutaneous guests were not invited, the skin and so nervous not to go to hell, and then there’s she added. But someone loves her dearly and sees the effect.

How did you deal with that serum?

Price: gift with purchase.

Volume: 7 ml current miniatures, and Sasha repeated the same thumbnail earlier, full-sized packaging 30 ml a few years ago.

Use: since the beginning of summer occasionally, with Aug regularly about 1.5 weeks, now again one-off at microcable with large gaps (for fun and while she’s acting calm and not nasty).

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