Lancome L’absolu Lacquer Lip Gloss #468 Rose Revolution

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Good morning, dear beauties!

Notice that the trend of the velvet lip lacquer inferior tendencies Shine? In search of a really beautiful Shine, came upon the new Lancome Polish for the lips.

Again, I was looking for a glitter — like non-sticky, bright but translucent color, the effect of the Lollipop, as a whole, this determined my choice, and of aesthetics, of course))) #detackification.

The familiar silvery box encloses a very beautiful, incredible case.It is very pleasant to the touch, very glossy, nice in the hand, the lower part painted to match the product — even with the shimmer.

On the end caps — gold rose on top of occasion. Closes firmly until it clicks, no need to worry about what will occur.

The sponge is a convenient, beveled from both sides, I for prokras enough to dip it into the product once is enough for the upper and lower lip, easy to create the contour, not very fluffy, nice and soft.

The varnish on consitenly — very dense, well-distributed, almost osused on the lips, closing of the lips can be felt, it is difficult to describe these sensations, almost not sticky, but feels like a smooth thick coating.

In fact, very similar feels with the YSL Rouge Pur Couture Glossy Stain — lacquer famous LIS lip, BUT! that was more sticky and significantly dried lips.

The varnish is firmly applied, a little self-leveling, has a very glossy Shine and water effect. On Swatch shows that it is a bit stripes is — it due to its thick consistency, it is because of this it makes no sense layering — when overlaying the brightness does not increase at all. The varnish did not lastekaitse circuit — add transparent pencil just in case, but this is not necessary. He prakticheski no fingerprints, retains the Shine for a long time. Really shiny gloss after tea, hours of lectures — amazing. Lunch, of course, is not concerned, there is only the color.

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Color — a plum-cherry, translucent base with rich color, primarily blue shimmer that gives it depth and complexity. Beautiful!)) Was surprised when preparing a post found its name — pink it’s hard to still call.

Shimmer read on the lips when you approach. Again, done without a pencil. It is seen that in bright color and translucency does not flow into the folds, done right. And shines! ????

I stand up all day, surprised. I don’t dry Guly, moreover, I feel the care, energized lips like butter.

General plan. In General, on the one hand, in search of lip gloss I would like more transparency, not as bright was, on the other hand, is so beautiful that I can not stop looking.

Thank you for your attention!

I-Lena, be beautiful!

Rating is 5!

The price is about 2500 before discounts

Testing period — 2 months.

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