Lanopearl BB Cream Spf15 No. 1 Pink Beige

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And compare shades No.1 and No.2

So, thanks to InterCHARM as planned, the winter took the light shade of his favorite car.

Wrote about it the review considered in detail the composition, etc.

And several times received feedback that someone took this Bibik and is very happy.

Makes me happy, as he lies on dry skin after tretinoin how loyal to flaking.

And I think it will be interesting to all, who have, in principle or in winter, skin peeling.

And for those who have significant relief (pores, wrinkles).

That is, in fact, two of my tube, right are pretty thin.

BB Cream from the Australian brand Lanopearl contains chemical and physical filters (two Aussies dog ate protection from the sun) and caring ingredients: arbutin, allantoin, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, aloe extract, plant extracts and natural oils.

Not very pleasant is mineral oil. But it is not felt, I must admit.

The texture is not tired to rejoice. Gentle, soft, non-flowable, plastic. Stretched in a thin layer in the pores and creases not clogged.

And immediately see the two shades next: 1 and 2

More visible texture. The edges are crisp, the cream does not spread on the skin texture, keeps the film.

Pay attention to the color. Both beige color can be called a neutral pink on the basis of no bias in how or redness.

It is important that the base is the same, so the shades are mixed and give a natural color of medium hue. I had a negative experience, when two shades of one Bibik (there are only two in the palette) when mixed had the orange undertone. Everything is excellent in this respect, they can be mixed if necessary.

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Cream falls subtly, gives a finish with a slight glow of healthy skin. The photo clearly shows. Shade 1 is merged with skin color.

On the face. Merciless close-up skin with moisturizer.

Caused hands Bibik No.1

Do you see it? And he is… leveled tone, added light…

Level of masking medium, individual spots have to cover, if needed.

But the overall tone and color smoothes and refreshes. And most importantly, lies on the skin unnoticed.

The skin is not oxidized, lies bravely to make-up remover.

And in a complete manner.

Color, of course, objectively mine, but when I’m with that tone of voice come to the doctor, I was beginning to suspect anemia. And psychologically uncomfortable for me to be so white. So I mixed 1 and 2 tone, above already wrote that they are mixed well, it turns out the intermediate natural color shade.

In General, the point of my review is mainly to compare the shades.

For reference, my skin tone in the palette Chanel — 20.

About TKH cream my opinion in six months have not changed he is great.

Price 1998 rubles for 50 ml, 15% discount — 1698 RUB.

Testing period — bibika of this brand more than six months, specifically this shade for 2 weeks.

Otsenka 5!

Extremely successful Foundation for ridiculous money.

I still can’t survive a disastrous purchase of fluid спф30 from EL, 4000 per 30 ml and all the pores and wrinkles, shines like a copper basin, with the face almost slides…

The only downside for the Aussie — SPF is too small, although winter will fit.

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Girls who bought, what impressions?

Thank you for your attention to my review!

I’m Vera 🙂

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