Laokompleks “Beauty Secret”, “Universal”.


Full name- Laokompleks “Beauty Secret”, “Universal” cleanser for the system of care for normal and oily skin prone to acne.

From the manufacturer:
One of the first effective development for recovery and purification of the skin. Designed for regular skin care of any type, but particularly effective in solving the typical problems of oily skin prone to blackheads and acne.


  • cleanses the skin from organic and inorganic contaminants of wide range: dust, smog, waste products of the skin, balances sebum, sweat, dead skin flakes of the top layer;
  • helps either fully or substantially to improve the condition of oily skin prone to blackheads, acne and comedones regularly removes the secretion of sebaceous and sweat glands, tightens pores, mattifies, normalizes the sebaceous glands, reduces the risk of blackheads and comedones;
  • makes the skin smooth, removes old skin cells, renews the skin regularly;
  • restores the normal moisture content of collagen of the dermis, maintains moisture balance, tones and brightens slightly;
  • improves the functioning of all layers of the skin, helps the synthesis of collagen and elastin, has a regenerative effect, increases the tension;
  • enhances the beneficial effect of creams, masks, ointments.

Method of application

Dilute with water to “wet sand”; careful, gentle movements applied to the skin of the face and/or body.


for the face – 30-60 seconds (2-3 times a week);
to the skin for 10 to 15 seconds (daily, morning and/or evening)*;
for the skin of the body, 10-15 minutes (1 time per week);
for the scalp 15-20 minutes (1 time per week).

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Rinse with warm water, without rubbing.

* Suitable for daily use as a cleanser.

Additional information:

Intolerance of one component of the drug does not apply!
Release form

Fine powder in a package weighing 70 and 200 grams.
Storage conditions

Store at any temperature with the lid tightly closed to prevent the ingress of excess moisture. Shelf life 5 years.
Reaction cleaning

Sometimes when used can pimples, flaking of the skin. These effects disappear within 1-2 weeks on the background of General improvement of the skin condition.

Two of the sample powder was put in the parcel with my order of decorative “Crystal decor”. So took my acquaintance with this tool. As I understand it, is the analogue of the famous biocide.
Probes enough for 10 applications and I subsequently ordered a full jar

Zeolite, salt, sodium bicarbonate, montmorillonite, kaolin, magnesia, sulphate of copper*.

Concentration of minerals – 60%
The concentration of natural salts – 40%

100% natural product

It is crystalline, but rough to the touch powder. The smell as such, it does not.
Used them in the summer, mainly in the evening, after washing with foam or gel. Liquid slurry from litecommerce of water was applied to the entire face (except eye area and lips) and leave for about a minute. On the ground of damage to the skin was felt a tingling and mild itching, redness did not occur.
This laokompleks seemed to absorb all the fat from the skin. The skin is very smooth and clean. This effect can not remember any one cleanser. There is a mild tightening of the skin, it looks smoother and less prominent. Of course, clogged pores and black dots remain in place, only lighter. But loved for a very long time, even in the morning after such treatment the skin looks very cool.
I tried not to come here too often with this tool, so my skin quickly gets used to the care and begins to demand something stronger. The frequency of application one/ twice a week. Autumn and winter need to use for me there, the skin is less oily, but in the summer I will be back to litecommerce.

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