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Cosmopack has expanded its partnership with LashControl to offer a patented control of compression – SqueezeControl for brands around the world to create exclusive packaging designs mascara.

Originally Cosmopack has partnered with LashControl in 2018 with the purpose of selling patented and registered the trademark design of the mascara, but recently amended to make new designs exclusive for Cosmopack. New projects, including control technology compression will be available in the coming months, and Cosmopack said that it will offer a wide range of settings that are specific to the image of the brand, with designs, colors, style, brushes, materials, components and finishes.

LashControl technology allowed users to compress the center tube for the carcass, removing excess product from the brush before you pull it. This meant that consumers were better able to control how much product is on the brush before applying to avoid unnecessary removal of mascara from the applicator that could cause pollution of brushes and tools for makeup.

Jennifer Paulson Lee, President and inventor LashControl, said that brand, preferring to use the control function of compression would be to stand on a shelf, because such products will be more attractive proposition for consumers.

“Multi-tasking packaging is on the rise and proved to be very successful in attracting new customers,” said Paulson Lee. This technology, according to her, not only provides the allocation of the goods among others, but is intuitive for users: “SqueezeControl Packaging provides the consumer with more options than any other package, and was first drawn to the media to reduce contamination”.

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Paulson Lee noted that the category of lashes “exploded” over the past decade: “Thanks to this we have the opportunity and the obligation to follow the innovation. Providing consumers with greater control and sanitary means for applying mascara “completely changed” the way consumers to use ink, which can cause a storm of innovation. The world market for carcasses of huge that will lead to changes, and we believe that brands and packaging manufacturers will increasingly draw the attention of consumers on the concept of stimulating innovation.”

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