Lavelle Collection Liquid matte LS 10. Resistant matte lipstick for 100 rubles


Hello! Today I will introduce You to the cosmetics budget, and in this review I will talk about liquid matte lipstick Lavelle Collection LS 10 Liquid matte hue 07. This lipstick looks very nice on the lips, it forms a matte finish and kissing is not erased (of course if you kiss gently). However, she eats the lips, without drying them and can be easily removed without tools for make-up remover.

General information:

A volume of 5 ml

The price of 100-120 rubles

You can buy in cosmetic stores


Lipstick is sold in a clear plastic case with black cap.

On the reverse side is the product and information about the expiration date.

Lavelle Collection Liquid matte shade LS 10 07

The applicator is soft and comfortable, which carefully separates the skin on the lips.

On hand light perfectly and evenly. The color is rich scarlet. The lipstick has no explicit smell and after applying on the lips, I can’t feel it. Burning sensation and other discomfort I discovered. Although for the price I was afraid my lips would react well to it. On the lips it dries quickly and forms a beautiful matte finish.

Application experience:

About me: I have not the most perfect lips. They often flakes and take a similar lipstick I was afraid of. But what was my surprise when this lipstick from Lavelle lightweight on my lips perfectly and is not cracked. When worn it is not sinking into creases and generally behaves well.

Put the lipstick directly on the lips, without pre-wetting, mouth wide open, to miss the mark all the pleats. Then I closed my lips and bit them pomogala that the lip rests evenly in the folds of the lips. After a time the lipstick froze and formed a beautiful velvet texture, which is nice touch-just velvet on the lips.

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This lipstick does not stain clothes, and won’t stick when kissing. It is quite stable (if the fat doesn’t have one) and erase it only by special means, but if you will be eating greasy cheburek or other moist or oily food, the lipstick will wear off. It should be considered. By the way, a dry loaf of bread you can eat, it won’t.

I liked how the lipstick went on the lips. It is pleasant to wear and perfectly masks the slight peeling on the lips, while socks does not crack. She has one drawback, because of the bright colors it is hard to deliver exactly perfect for the contour of the lips, you need a red pencil. (You must have seen that in some places I really walked the path.) Considering its cost, I want to buy other shades and I guess I’ll do it.

Rating 4 out of 5!

Thank you for your attention!

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