Lavender captivity: cream shade holographic Holographic Halo Eye Tint from Nyx in the shade Wild Orchid (03)

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Not so long ago Nyx released a whole collection povishennoy holography — Holographic Halo. One of the products within the assortment, have become a cream shadow, which no ethnogeny to holography, in my opinion, no. But that did not stop them to conquer my heart ????

The shadows-Tinta convenient package with a good stop and a great limiter.

Sponge applicator high quality and accurate, the villi do not stick out. The product has no odor.

I have the shade in the shade Wild Orchid 03. In my opinion, this is the most beautiful shade in the entire range. Pale lavender color, which plays depending on the lighting and other factors can remain purple-pink, may go to gray or blue.

As I said above: I do not understand why these shadows are included in the holographic range. Well, they have a rainbow finish. Rather, it mirrored — the shadows perfectly reflect the light.

The shadows have a smooth, creamy consistency — you do not plesivec, well-layered, perfectly plotted as a finger, and a flat brush. Of its properties does not change, does not dry, does not thicken (test for about a month and a half).

Inthe feather just a basic, plus century chateaude immediately. Perfect for those girls who are looking for beautiful shadows from the series “blurted out on the eyelid, rubbed with a finger, ran to work”.

In the photo you can see the baldness, but it’s all because I had almost 8 layers apply shadows to show their true color on swatches. Somehow, in all the pictures they came out seromi, no purple tones, not such as I had seen them in life. And tint very good experiences layering.

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Durability is excellent — easy wear all day.



With a palette Imagic Professional cosmetics

At the base in the form of a black shadow, noticeable as well tint covers dark shadows and out into the blue

Similar makeup, but with artificial light

Price: 600 rubles

The volume of 2.7 ml.

Country of origin: China

Rating: 5

Thank you for your attention!

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