Le Rouge Francais produces exclusive lipstick

The trademark Le Rouge Français recently joined Obratori, the startup studie L’occitane. The ambitious vision for lipstick created by Elodie Carpentier and her husband of Salem Gazali that could change the segment of natural cosmetics for its uncompromising formula.

Lipsticks Le Rouge Français tinted pigments obtained exclusively from the plant material. It is composed of 100% natural and even organic ingredients, the packaging of such products are recyclable, and in the near future there will be replacement cartridges. For the festive season and includes limited edition in box from Apple peel. “In comparison with other vegetable materials, the skin of the Apple provides a higher proportion of life and better resistance over time,” explains Salem’s Gazali.

Français Le Rouge was born out of the desire to preserve sensory properties of conventional lipsticks, without abandoning natural that consumers want to get from the segment of organic cosmetics. “The problem was that, according to our survey, these two sentences can be questioned. For example, although titanium dioxide is banned for use in food, this ingredient is used in traditional compositions, and mica is allowed in organic foods, although it is a mineral that is non-renewable resource, production of which is associated with unethical practices. It was therefore clear that we need to go further,” explains Salem’s Gazali, President and co-founder of the company.

The founders of Le Rouge Français decided to work on 100% renewable and 100% natural formula based on grapes with natural dyes obtained from tinctorial plants. These plants in the course of tens of centuries has been used for dyeing fabrics.

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The products consist of 95% organic and 100% natural ingredients, they are certified Cosmebio and vegan organizations. In addition, these lipsticks contain rice, not wax, for fixing pigments. “We wanted to show that we can achieve the sensitivity of conventional lipsticks from the point of view of texture, long wear and coverage, as well as a higher degree of naturalness than most certified organic brands,” explains Salem’s Gazali.

Colorless formula, rich in Shea butter and vegetable oils and waxes, endowed with the properties of the skin care due to its moisturizing qualities. The durability of this organic lipstick is the same as usual – about four hours. However, due to staining of plant pigments on the lips creates the visual effect of the Atlas.

Packing is also consistent with the values of the brand and is a transparent tube of 100% recycled monomer that has passed the certification of Ecocert. About fifteen new colours will be added to the first three shades of lipsticks by the end of the first quarter of 2020, “the colors may seem too limited, but we protected this minimalism. Working with nature also means that they agree less offer a wide palette of colours”.

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