Legend Urban Decay Eyeshadow – Moondust. The perfect shade for the New year and every day


Today I want to tell you about the shadows, which I absolutely love.

Start with the fact that I am the same person who almost never use shadows.

One which I still sometimes use was only 2 colors — Silver Moon, and a Melting Point from Bobbi Brown.

They are neutral — transparent glitter and light brown

For me, bright shadow is a farm, there is a direct Association with the clerk of the 90s.

Know that. for this statement I will shower Slippers, but I don’t love, what to do…

This is just my opinion, of course someone will disagree!

Even when I paint professionals, I ask the shadows to a minimum.

On shadows, Urban Decay brand, I think, heard everything.And I also wanted to try them.Ever.

And, I was very happy when I saw what color they sent me Urban Decay. Well, now more.

Packing above and beyond.You can safely take on gifts.

A series of mono-shadow. Which includes 29 color and is divided into 4 categories:

— Sparkle / Shimmering (contains particles of glitter)

— Shimmer / Pearl

— Metallic / Metallic

-Duotone / Duplex (no glitter, chromaticism)

You can buy, for example on the official website of UD or the Golden Apple.

Weight – 1.5 g

I have shade Moonspoon, and he refers to the Sparkle, really like Stardust

The case of the shadows are quite laconic, star

Very nice, isn’t it?

Openclose easily.

Now, show the beauty

The smell

Shadow odorless.


This is a small silver sequins, due to the fact that they are really very small, looks expensive, not like cheap shiny powder.

The texture is dry but soft and a bit creamy.

On brush be typed easily, and also easy to apply and become flustered.

Even a not able to paint people as I can nicely apply these beautiful shadows.

Shade Moonspoon is a multifaceted hue, though in the beginning don’t think so.

Dark gray color, but it looks amazing even in the jar and on the skin and does begin to play, shimmering and shining.

It can be applied a little bit, and then get a subtle sheen and barely a faint grey shade.

One layer of these shadows is similar to my favorite shade of Bobbi brown

And if you put a tight or on base here will directdark graphite, color of wet asphalt.

Bottom — UD, the top is Bobbi Brown.

Well, now let’s show you how this beauty looks on the eyes.

Here in a single layer, put a small flat brush.

That’s how I wear in everyday life, the option for every day.

Here in daylight, but under artificial, they still look more advantageous.

Very hard to catch their glow, the particles are very very small,looking much cooler.Shimmer like a diamond.

Well show you how Moonspoon looks in two layers.That’s what I make up myself for the New year.

And maybe even brighter, mixing with others.

On base, I think it would be even brighter, but I like it.

The shade is absolutely not clogged in the folds ( as opposed to the favorite Bobby, by the way)

I’m not a master at makeup, please do not judge strictly.

In ordinary life, only glue the lashes (or no eye) and use the lip gloss, the rest rarely and mood.

The persistence of shadows on 5+. Doing great, walking with them all day.

Almost fall off, which is surprising for a glitter.Usually they quickly spread throughout the face.

To inflict them can even be people who can’t paint, like me.

So, shadows are definitely five plus, highly recommend and praise!!!

I bought these for a gift, sister, and I hope she’ll like it.

1850₽цена10/10оценка20 days, 1P/nudeleisaibens

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