Let me introduce my colleagues at work, or that should be kept in the office table

We all know that women’s handbag is a black hole. There you can find EVERYTHING from cotton buds to a hexagon.

At some point in time all of my black hole moved out of her purse in the drawer of his office Desk. So what? I’m an ordinary average young lady with office work, sit for 9 hours on a leather office chair, and then race across the traffic home. And here is how in most of these tubes I could use the max mirror and a lipstick (although I, of course, carry few manicure sets, a palette of lipsticks, cream for the hands in the thumbnails, long overdue concealer and a bunch of bus tickets), and here in the office more often, there is a need for something to pour on myself but to spread.

That should be every at hand, in my humble opinion.

First, without which it is impossible to do in the average office — thermal spring water.

In the winter our skin is dry the heating and in the summer actual summer. It seems to me, in any summer colletive the war begins between those who are “hot, need to include the condo/open window”, and those who are forever “too cold/I’m gonna blow/I sit just on the draft.” And usually you have to go on about a second and sit in a stuffy room all day. In such moments a pleasant surprise, especially thermal water, sprayed on the face.

I have the most simple and cheap thermal water from the Belarusian brand Vitex. It costs a penny, but the pleasure and benefits brings a lot! Due to the simplicity of its composition (and of the budget, to be honest), for long-lasting hydration to not count, but the effect is instant hydration of the skin is, and I very much appreciate in a stuffy office!

The most important thing when choosing a thermal water — is to see that the water was THERMAL, not just water spray. This even includes all sorts of different vitamins and minerals. Umnichka! Perhaps the only negative is the dispenser. It was too much he tries to wash me and not refreshing.

Rating: 5

Price: about 120 PE

What else is necessary to protect and moisturize at the office? Correctly, the hair. Hair also needs protection and hydration.

I used to have in the box were the remains of hair oil. It was beautiful, of course, be oiled periodically dry ends, but constantly had to run to wash his hands. And sometimes you sit with all that oil your hands, and then the phone rings, and once the handset becomes oily as your hands. Not very practical, in short. Then I read where genius life hack that remnants of the cream for hands you can… um… to wipe on the hair. What type is this hair mask. Do I have to tell you about the sebaceous sosuli on the head after such a mask? But one day, quite by accident I found a great tool.

This pitoitua hair from the Clean Lines I grabbed literally by accident in the store. Took the shampoo and conditioner from the same series, and the store was an action 3=2, so I got this bottle. And I can’t get enough!

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The tool is very easily distributed in the hair after applying them, really gives a Shine, but again, healthy and natural, not greasy and dirty, moisturizes the hair and smells grassy and floral scent.

Sometimes (read very often) I land in the morning hair and come to work straight with a very wet head. When I apply the product on wet hair and it really detangles and adds Shine to the hair after drying. On dry hair I also spray when I don’t like excessive fluffiness on the head.

The composition of the facilities are very good. A lot of really natural and herbal components, and most importantly — in the third place is castor oil. And although here in the center of the wrapper proudly flaunts “fitokeratin for volume to the roots”, roots I the product is to be sprayed is still not at risk, exactly this will be too greasy for my skin scalp.

Direct strongly recommend to get one thing!

Rating: 5++++

Price: about 140 PE

What we’ve got on need to moisturize? Handle!

A versatile moisturiser for the hands must always be at hand, pardon the tautology. The story of the withering factors heating hot and not ventilated for the entire of our skin, not just face. Separately winter requires additional protective and nourishing layer on hands before going outside.

For myself, I chose already out of production (or rather re-issued) intensively moisturising hand cream from Lumene. It absorbs quickly, which is, perhaps, the main advantage because you don’t really want then to use a fat mouse or keyboard in cream. And he bombyces smells of something fresh. Very refreshing in the middle of the day, a kind of subtle aromatherapy.

Summer did not disdain to moisten them as knee or heel in the sandals.

To replace him will try to find something equally fast-absorbing, aromatic, but with fanfare. To otmachivat cover, of course, easier than attracitive/tighten it, but still the pump will speed up this process.

Rating: 5

Price: about 100 PE (took it on sale, as the last of his kind, the current restart lahde will cost 430 rubles, while the volume reduced from 100 ml to 50 ml)

The finishing touch — hydration of the lips.

I love to try all sorts of skincare for the lips. In each bag I have are different products — solid, liquid, oil, with shade or without, with different flavors. I can’t stop on something one, so always throw out the boring and buy something new. Have never suffered from increased dryness of the lips (except in the rare winter hell of beriberi, but really once in five years), so I use all sorts of balm just because of the smell.

But I’m still confident that a good tool or a basic neutral color good moisturizing lipstick must be always with you, like a soldier spoon in my boot.

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Now my Desk is living lip balm “sweet toffee” from the Organic kitchen, which from the Organic shop. He’s got a great composition of all the different oil and butter, it does not dry in the jar, as did his predecessors in the same package, and it’s just incredibly sweet smell of the candy toffee. So I sit sometimes, honey want the lips and smeared hop — you don’t want. Huffing a balm and not fat. Amazing!

Mom, if you’re reading this, I eat well at work, and not just sweet smelling lip balms.

Very strange things, but this I balm dries mucous membranes of the lips. Not even something that dries and tightens. I don’t know if this is some kind of stated lifting effect, of course, but not very comfortable. But directly the skin of the lips it moisturizes perfectly. And what else I like, it does not Shine like I just saucer oil kissed. Lips look just beautiful, healthy and hydrated.

Oily texture of the balm works great if you need urgently to moisturize the cuticle. Yes, Yes, I used the funds for other purposes. What can you do? The pay is low, and the pension soon!

The biggest drawback for me personally is the packaging. Each time to climb fingers in a jar — not the most hygienic history. Many manage directly from a puck to smear the lips. I don’t know… My dumpling in the washer doesn’t fit, and if they push, I will certainly dry along with lips, nose and chin.


Price: 100 re

I do not use dense and resistant Foundation. The thicket of all, I limit myself to concealer in a triangle under your eyes (where skin is a little redder than the rest of the face) and in a week time you want to be straight parade and dressed up, I use BB cream. But by evening, the skin begins a treacherous imobilise in the area T-zone and require powder. So in case of “from the ship to the ball — from work to social events” I always cherish powder.

No matter how much talk about the fact that for oily and combination skin needs a strictly mineral powder, my inner Jew came to the conclusion that we nabigatzailea great and versatile powder Affinitone from Maybelline. Mine is in the old packaging, now they are square, but it seems like they are just as good.

Inside there is a mirror and sponge the victim with life. It is easy and weightless falls, matting, lasts about 4 hours (but it particularly more and is not necessary), does not dry the skin and does not clog pores.

In composition it in the first place talcum powder, Yes. And she is quite dusty. But I repeat, this is the best and budgetary option to quickly smooth the skin and hide the Shine.

Rating: 5

Price: about 400 re

Not the most necessary thing in the economy, but my personal must-have — the actual powder brush.

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Not fundamentally because fundamentally do not know how native sponges with powder, so without a good brush anywhere!

Big and fluffy I bought for funniest-money is not a cosmetic shop Modis. And this brush from synthetic hair like me so much that I later bought a set of eye makeup for such ridiculous money, but with the same digestible quality.

The biggest plus of this brush is, of course, is that it is conveniently closed, lying quietly in the box and not collecting dust. The spirit. with a case already peeled, of course, but that doesn’t make a brush worse. It is well and tightly Packed, well-gaining powder, distributes it across the face of the pile does not climb, only the individual fibers at the edges are clamped by a screw mechanism. But for my money — it is excellent!

Rating: 5

Price: 100 re (Oh right, even on aliexpress for the money nothing worthy to find)

Last on my list is agent dual purpose. Hairspray.

I love and take care of your hair, so you almost never land them in the dryer and do not use any styling products. And yet for the same situation, when the job should run on the date/bachelorette party/ball, I cherish varnish.

Sometimes I think it would be much wiser to store dry shampoo, not the varnish. It’s true, shaggy head is not as bad as unwashed. But still with a shaggy head I can come to work, but dirty never. Slept? Late? Still stick my hair under the faucet and wash. So Yes, the paint I need.

Frankly, this one from Schwarzkopf Taft ultra I bought solely because of the small size, it is only 75ml and I just larocha and not needed. But it perfectly captures what I want to fix (and I have a decent so hard and thick hair). I love to overdo it and mess things up stuck an icicle on the head, but, praise to Odin, comb solves this problem, without any loss of fixation.

More often I use lacquer as a static. So Yes, this is also the one thing indispensable in office slavery.

Rating: 5

Price: 140 PE

So here I got a strange review of my office cabinets. Of course, it’s not all the contents of my boxes. I also keep a separate palette of lipsticks for every taste, nail Polish (and suddenly in the afternoon it is urgent to make a pedicure???) and all sorts of lotions for nail Polish, palette, brushes palette, highlighter, eyebrow mascara… honestly, I don’t know all that I have stored there. But the above-mentioned means, in my opinion, this is something that should be available to all.

But most importantly, helps to maintain beauty when you office rat is water. Please remember that our outer beauty starts from within, and it requires normal water intake and not six tubs of coffee like I do.

Drink water and be princesses of the Kingdom of his office!

What hides do you have in boxes?) Tell me!

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