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Post about the shade that I used up the last crumbs.

For all the time that I painted and this is quite good, I like that zero ended just two shadows. The first of them back in the senior classco school because I was the only one) Now, when the coffers of cosmetics is huge, even wipe anything to the holes is practically impossible.

Before I learned about the existence of Project Pan, I had my rule in the spirit of this project — I take that makeup use is completely. This does not mean that the rest of the makeup is abandoned, just some of it I use often. Shadow L’etoile Le Costume safari Costume 602 is the first completed full-length product.

As cinemaniac with huge reserves, I was wondering how much time to use this “good”????. Now, the shadows weighing 2.22 grams over approximately 11 months when used on average 4 times a week, other 3 days have painted the others. Total consumption of 1 times to approximately 0.01 grams. But specifically these shades are of loose texture and flow is not the most economical, with a more dense compression would be spent less. I apologize for this digression, maybe there are the same fans of shadows, like me, who are interested in this information)

Shadow L’etoile, I have chosen for frequent use for two reasons: it’s my favorite color scheme and good casual option. The palette consists of two shades: pearl white and taupe tupoy. They are both very important, have good pigmentation, easy to apply and smudge, on the basis of a bright and lasting all day. There are only two pitfalls: they need a base (without it noticeably paler, but the resistance is quite decent) and to apply better with a sponge because crumble. I have no problems shadow did not cause, I’m totally happy with them. By the way, the darker shade in this palette similar to shadow Kiss NY Graphite, which I showed yesterday. Only Kiss NY darker and more varied, L’etoile, the color is more brown and has a component generally looks more restrained. Order NY shadows Kiss I received on the day following the end of the shadow of L’etoile, the replacement arrived in time.

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The packaging is quite simple, for me the main thing that it opened without any damage to the nails) Light shade is noticeably more than the dark, but they ended about the same time.

The sponge is tiny, but if you need to paint them all the same)

Now the shadows look like this, rather than the shade and only packing:

Makeup most often I used both shade by varying the amount of dark you can get, or very light makeup or brighter. When applying light colors as a substrate significantly enhanced the glow the dark.

Two shades togetherOnly darkOnly darkDark damage on top of light (sorry for the eyebrows, it’s an old photo, here they are before grooming)

Price — about 400 rubles.

Rating is 5.

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