L’etoile Psychotropical. Unexpected favorites this summer

Hello! This post is about shadows L’etoile Psychotropical in shades of “Exotic camo” and “mirror of nature”. If interested, I ask under kat.

This summer I gained a lot of colored beautiful fragrances from different brands. Added to your makeup for summer mood, happy and somehow had not planned to write a post. But one couple are so much the lead in that I decided to fix the situation and show them to you.

L’etoile Psychotropical

“Mirror of nature” a reflection of the nature, 203 — red color

“Exotic camo” exotic camouflage, 202 — green hue

“Mirror of nature” — in my opinion, it’s kind of duochrome. Metallic red with a cool pink-purple shift on a warm red base. Creamy texutre. Blends easily to a matte red shade. Layered perfectly to rich juicy red Metalica.

Reminiscent of th “Pigeon” from Lime Crime and Make up Forever Peacock on which I wrote a post earlier. Such a texture I love! Because with just one touch you can do makeup, which usually requires 2-3 extra Poduct.

But add a spoonful of tar. Noticed that the same rich red metallic dim during the day. It remains only a red-red base. What I bases not only experimented with the same result. Perhaps someone is not so important. Perhaps on someone else’s century, the shadow will behave differently. But in my shadows fade and it frustrates me.

“Exotic camo” — these shadows were unique for my collection. Remind dazzle eyeshadow by MAC (loose pigment pressed the grey base). Opens beautifully on the substrate, although solo is not too bad. You need only one condition for them — lots of light! Knowing them, I actively wore this shade this summer: day under the summer sun, and in the evening in a cosy summer cafe, under artificial light shadows are very beautiful sparkling magical green hue. In General, a delight!

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Now a few comparisons, that there is a complete understanding of the notes.

This SIM card perfectly clear, what is clear grayish base color “camo Exotic” compared to the LM “Pigeon”

And more variations of makeup with the heroes of the post in different lighting for clarity.

In the sun Without a lot of light “Exotic camo” is not bad, but loses all its charm. In the sun “mirror of nature” literally on FIRE))IN dim light already more clearly visible metallic finish and cool pink shift. Here you can clearly see how this shade looks in the feathering on the border (red matte). Under the sun on a brown base. Rasfokus special to see how beautiful sparkling color. Some points on the camera hard to pass.In fluorescent lighting “Exotic camo” is almost turquoise, and is similar to Nyx “Mermaid”. “Mirror of nature” is very pigmented. Wet the brush with one layer it is possible to obtain a rich red arrow.Arrow remained until de make-up, always put a base under it for the shade. Then the arrow is caused by the shadows sitting on to victory. The emphasis on the lower eyelid. Layered wet to metal finish.

Testing period: 3 months

Rating: “Exotic camo” 5!!

“Mirror of nature” 4 (the fact that the color fades for me is critical, so I minus points, but due to the fact that he is excellent on all other fronts, and I am one shade can make a full “complex”, like a multi-stage make-up, my hand rises to give him 3! shadows with this formula for me is like gold!)

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Thank you for your attention. I hope my post was helpful and interesting.

My name is Julian. Me on “you”!).

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