L’etoile Selection Psychotropical Colored Waterproof mascara for lash & brow

I rarely buy colored mascara, although I really like colored lashes, but my lashes they are usually firmly glued and visually do some short, and some do not stain. But sometimes taking a risk and in this case the risk paid off, although the ink has some important nuances.

L’etoile Selection Psychotropical Watwrproof Colored mascara for lash & brow announced a mascara for eyebrows and eyelashes, so the brush it somewhere between brush tools eyebrow brush and mess of lashes. For me it is not too comfortable, but maneuverable. Bristles arranged in a spiral.

The color of the carcass difficult. I’ve been trying to figure out what it is. Its main color is turquoise blue (is the color of the turquoise stone).


But it sea of green (emerald?) lukewarm (maybe even with a picture) tiny shimmer. The final color is similar to green turquoise, especially in the sun, but occasionally a patch of blue color base. Here on Swatch obvious that she was in the center gives more of the green than on the edges.

Here are more blue.

With eyelashes was not so easy — the bulk of the carcass is deep at the base, not at the ends of the bristles. The first few times I had to put it on the hand, and then dial in the ends of the bristles.

Lays down the ink a bit unevenly. It took her a little time “to paint” (and more evenly cover the brush), she tries to leave droplets on the tips of the eyelashes and their length also, but this is completely invisible in reality. It almost does not stick lashes — bonding is minimal, the growth of my eyelashes. If you add a clean brush — all excellent work. Eyelid a little stain, I had to adapt, and still mishaps occur. The eyelashes she does not curls, sometimes I think even a little straight — kerler.

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And now the pros. To me it looks a lot better than others: eyelashes with her long, well separated, and a huge plus — the color is very bright and saturated. This effect is created due to the shimmer, turns metallic ink — it is very good reflecting the light. Mascara is for eyebrows too, so I’m once indoors under diffused light, waved his brush. Not seen well, but I know she’s there — sometimes I love these chips. And when I came out into the street under the daylight, it turned out that I have a green (strong green) eyebrows.


Mascara in a single layer.

Mascara in two layers.

It seems that she is not a strong and bright but because the light is not falling directly on the lashes. A different angle from a different picture. The light of day.

Sun. Just can be considered part of the eyelash blue, part green.

The electric light more green (and here she is in the beginning of his career).

The standard procrast bottom and the top too, just enough pigment.

The resistance is enormous. Here I tried to erase the hands of Swatch by mitsellyarnoi, with force rubbed 20-30 seconds — erased only the uncured part, the rest did not budge. Wash only dvukhfaznoi or oil, and it will be erased immediately.

Mascara on the lashes falls is imperfect, it makes me sad. I would like smooth, uniformly dyed colored lashes with a sharp tip, of course. I’m not a big connoisseur of colored mascaras, but it’s definitely the best mascara is one of those that I had.

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And it really shows.

Price: full price about 900 rubles, I bought on the stock for about half the cost. And now it is actually strange, the site is at full price, and the store today I saw a suspicious 199 rubles, but didn’t have time to understand and learn. If it for 199, I will definitely buy his stock and a few instances of girlfriends present.

In any case, selling it is still there, catch because it limitka.

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