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Kendall Jenner

Of course, we have ideas about how celebrities prepared to appear on the red carpet. In Instagram we see Nicole Kidman doing her hair, and Kim Kardashian glues on Breasts the tape to achieve the perfect neckline. But in addition to the usual team of hairdressers, makeup artists, stylists and manicurists, there is a whole army of professionals hired by the stars to care of the rest of what social networks you will not see.

On the eve of the start of the next Cannes film festival SPLETNIK.RU find out which beauty treatments do celebrities before the release and how much they spend.

Mentoring or contouring bronzer

What to do if you have never had a press, but you dream about the coveted six pack? Although many of the celebrities involved with the best coaches, experts salon Portofino Beverly Hills will help create the illusion of even more pumped and toned body using a special spray tanning. Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez combine this procedure with Endermology (also proposed), which is great for weight loss, lymphatic drainage, detoxification and the formation of beautiful contours. In one session you will burn 600 to 900 calories.

Toning treatment Elemis

Take a look at the dresses stars dominated the red carpet this season. A plunging neckline and impressive cuts — that’s why more and more celebrities start preparing for the event with body care.

Many of them, including Madonna, prefer holyblue procedure Elemis (505 dollars) — this wraps with salt, minerals, caffeine and algae. On assurances of experts, a “sea cocktail” saves from cellulite and restores skin tone. And it is time for the face apply the mask with clay and seaweed.

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Oxygen chamber Natura Bissé

Some people do deep breathing exercises or take a soothing bath to get rid of the trembling at the knees before an important event, but the stars spend a few hours in an oxygen chamber Natura Bissé, is filled with pure air at 99.995 per cent. They wear virtual reality glasses and go into a meditative journey to soothe the body and soul the sounds of babbling Brooks. All this time the cosmetologist performs point facial massage (which improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage).

Exilis-lifting (exilis-lifting)

Long-distance flights, parties, media communication, photography and countless other events — it is certainly a tedious job, but why do the stars look like sleeping eight hours a day and do not leave your Villa in Bali?

Specialists in Facials Los Angeles has said that before major events, they queues of celebrities wanting to make a RF and ultrasonic lipolysis, Exilis.

This procedure can replace a facelift. It returns elasticity to the skin by heating the cells of the fibroblasts deep in the dermis, it stimulates collagen production and smoothes wrinkles. Hollywood divas are doing this procedure to help minimize “crow’s feet” that appear on the photos, if you smile.

Gina Marie, the expert of Beverly hills, said that for some months her star clients undergo a course of four treatments, just before the season ceremonies. Is one 20 minute therapy is expensive — approximately $ 250. The procedure is painless, and the results will not keep itself waiting.

Injections for buttocks enlargement

Some stars are turning to plastic surgeons to slightly add volume to the buttocks. And no, we’re not talking about implants. Sheila Nazarian, MD Beverly hills, says many of her famous clients in this season of suddenly “addicted” to the injections of Sculptra.
The stars are doing it, to figure look more harmonious in their gorgeous dresses, she says.

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The injections consist of lactic acid (its molecules provoke the formation of collagen) and water, the result appears immediately, but the effect is short-lived, as the body excretes fluid for three days.

Depending on how many syringes are used, the cost can range from 6,000 to 40,000 dollars.


Jennifer Lawrence before an important event going on in three minutes in the cryosauna, which set the temperature to minus 130-150 degrees Celsius. A kind of jolt to the body and relieves muscle pain, reduces cellulite and mobilize all the protective properties of the organism. The most important thing for 2-3 minutes until the person is in cryo, the skin temperature is lowered to zero or minus two degrees, and this means that SuperCool in it. Unlimited subscription for a month in a cryosauna costs $ 299.

Pool with water from the Dead sea

The usual celebrity pool prefer salt water pool. And with water from the Dead sea imported from Israel. Spa Grotto de sal, specializing in floating offer 45-minute session for $ 120. They say it gets rid of many illnesses: from arthritis to psoriasis.

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