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A little about new love~

Lately I have been drawn to a small and convenient palette, and lime crime plushies just what I needed to start.

Just released 2 palettes: fresh squeezed (more colorful) and sweet blends (more basic, respectively).
Note that in tefilah really pressed pigment, very gentle, literally, plush, and so to gain hints is soft. Set aside the idea of violently torturing the pigments with a brush, please!
They can slightly crumble under the eyes, but with me it happened only once. Easily corrected with a cotton swab and micellar water.

Before you go to shotcam and makeup, I want to note that before you cause more vivid colors, I fix base physical shades. Here it is not necessary, all perfectly Blendable and is not sticky.

Swatch made with your fingers and brush without the base

Fresh squeezed:

Dragon fruit on a movable century, Jackfruit and Orange juice on the bottom.

Dragon fruit on a movable century, in the crease, Orange juice, Jackfruit as restoremessage shade Mango on the lower eyelid.

On the upper and lower eyelids Orange juice, Dragon fruit will strike the lower eyelash line, Jackfruit in the inner area.

Sweet blends:

Rosebud on all the upper eyelid, Melon smoothie on the bottom, as flare added glitter of Venus III.

Melon smoothie as rastushevok shade, Chocolate milk in the outside area, the Blueberry as the main hue, Rosebud on the lower eyelid.

Rosebud in the feather, Blueberry as the main shade on the lower eyelid Melon smoothie.

Summing up, I want to say that the palette I loved and used quite often.
Can I recommend them to everyone? Probably not. I would suggest them to those who wants light work in the shade and decided on the minimum/only starting to get acquainted with decorative cosmetics/want to try bright colors, but not sure how to approach them.

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Price: 22$ on the official website or 2190 p. ilovemakeup.

Thank you for your attention!

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