Lime Crime Venus Eyeshadow Palette III


Hello! Today I want to share my little review on the palette Venus III brand Lime Crime.

Despite the fact that I love the Venus and Venus II, I hadn’t planned to buy anything at Venus III, Venus XL, but as usual, the discounts did the trick and I took both 😂

So the new Venus Packed exactly the same as the previous one, in a clear plastic box. The palette itself is made of cardboard. Venus on the lid of the palette this time pink hair and purple manicure:

Inside a good mirror in a beautiful frame and 8 eyeshadow colors, 2 grams of each:

Three shades in the palette is matte, the rest can be attributed to brilliant.

Shades closer:

Swatch of all shades, made by finger without the base:

Swatch the shades individually made on a transparent base for shadows, except in shades 2 and 3, these Swatch done on glue for glitter (NYX). The left Swatch with your finger, right side — flat natural brush L’etoile No. 215. My skin is very light with a pink undertone.

1) Dreamy — matte pink is a very cool shade, almost purple.

2) Beam — and-purple glittery topper

3) Heavenly — topper, a blend of bronze and pink particles

4) Rapture — beige-pink with blue sparkles

5) Ecstasy is a dark brown with a clear violet note

6) Paradise — satin purple with a bluish tint

7) Bliss — matte pink brown

8) Beloved — pinkish-beige metallic

Detailed opinion.

I must say that the palette I liked 🙂

Matte shades are just lovely. Rarely seen such a cold pink as Dreamy, and Ecstasy and Bliss all very unusual, in my collection of similar shades no. The quality is excellent.

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Paradise is a little disappointing, to achieve on the eyelid this color could fit in there and switch failed, on me it looks pretty hard everyday bright pink.

Rapture is very delicate, a kind of blush on the eyelid. The blue sparkles in makeup are seen. I used it under the brow, and although it’s not a highlighter, it looks there in harmony, framing done other shades in the palette makeup.

Beloved not initially impressed, but like makeup, it’s beautiful, cozy shade to eyelids, side by side with other shades in the palette it looks almost purple (seen in the photo make-up №2)

Well, the highlight of the tip — toppers. This is a very strange texture that I have never encountered before in the form of dry shadows. It seems that like this glitter, but by simple manipulations can be applied with almost metallic finish, which is not visible individual particles of glitter. For the photo below I put a finger on the skin the shadows from the palette (on the left Paradise, right Dreamy), on top of carefully distributed glue for glitter, and it has a finger layered toppers. The photo was taken in the light of a table lamp:

In this form, the toppers look impressive, but much of the skin texture, so I did not apply them in such a way on the mobile eyelid and was limited to applying it to the inner corner of the eye, used first in the first makeup and the second in the second. They are great “light” area.

Themselves really instantly baked and look greasy, however, this is misleading, shadows still gain a thin layer on your finger and is also slightly springy and very smooth to the touch, like it’s a cream shadow, but, nevertheless, it’s dry texture. The brush is very easy razgovarivajut and transferred to the right place, but highly desirable glue for glitter or other sticky base.

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Overall happy with this palette, glad still she was tempted. Color 100% mine. Safe to recommend to fans of such scheme 🙂



A selfie with a filter:


A selfie with a filter:

Price: $38 or 2660р. at the time of publication of the post on the official site in Russia met for 3700р.

Rating: 5

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