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When I got out the Venus palette 3, I’m not impressed at all. First it was with her sisters, but eventually won the love of the shadows of this brand, so a discount at the time I ordered it.

The design of the palette as in previous versions: pack of high quality cardboard, closes tightly with a click, inside is magnets. I really like the mirrors in palettes Venus, given that I prefer a table mirror, but in field conditions it helped me. Open palette 180 degrees.

Most of all, I am attracted to stylish Venus with a pink manicure.

Before us is a 8 shades of different textures: matte, satin, and even pressed glitters.

Basic information:

Volume 16 g

Shelf life 24 months.

Made in the USA.

When I first saw this palette on the promo, I think it’s too bright and not everyday, but after a while, I realized how wrong I was.

If there is any doubt, let’s see the Swatch?)

Dreamy — the same demon, which I bought this palette! Perfect color for shading, on mobile eyelid and so on. Very nice dusty-pink matte shade.

Beam — lavender glitter. It is best applied with a finger to the base under the glitter.

Heavenly Golden glitter. Applied as Beam.

First, I do not understand these hints, tried to apply them with a brush, disappointed.

Rapture is a very delicate shade of pink with little blue sparkles.

The second group:

Ecstasy — cool matte brown with a purple undertone. I love the shading, on the lower eyelid.

Paradise — cold fuchsia. The same hue, which I immediately paid attention, the love with which happened immediately. It is interesting to use it as accents. It gave me the palette seemed bright.

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Bliss — a matte coral shade. Good for shading, eyelids did not like me because I look painful.

Beloved — satin Koricheva, great for rolling and lower eyelid, blending. Very soft, I like to use it for Smokey.

Shadows, thick pressing, they do not raise dust when set on the brush, very pleasant to the touch, but at the same time solid. Shades have great pigmentation, they are easy to accumulate, just get flustered. Glittery shades is a new texture Lime Crime have a penchant for mashing, so you have to remove the top layer.

I want to show you some images:

Dreamy in the crease Beam in the inner area, on a movable century Rapture, Ecstasy darkened the outer corner and Beloved on the lower eyelid.

Bliss in the feather, Beloved on the movable century.

Dreamy on a movable century, Ecstasy in the outer corner of Paradise on the lower eyelid, Dreamy in the feathering on the lower eyelid.

Beloved on a movable century, Ecstacy in the feather, Heavenly in the inner area.

A Shade Of Paradise + Dreamy

I want to ask only one question: Why am I so hesitated for a long time? After purchase never regretted and even pushed all of their palettes.

2000₽цена9/10оценка2 of the month, 4P/nudeleisaibens

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