Lime Crime Venus Palette XS Silver


A small palette of shadows in cold tones was a breath of fresh air in the Kingdom near the red shadows. Maybe that’s why it many are interested?

Though the palette is only 4 shades, but the packaging is bulky and voluminous, just in the handbag will not put as March option. Each time I could not help looking for a mirror, to me it is somehow very lacking.

The palette 4 shades: two matte, two shimmery, but they differ in finish and quality, then talk separately about each.

Sterling silver, reminds me of the color of steel, with a metallic finish. Dry, but fits well, not showered, to get a bright shade of paint with your finger. The finish is homogeneous, the individual glittering particles is not found.

Crescent- favorite shade of this palette, a dirty gray-beige, warmer than the rest of the colors in the palette, a matte finish. On the eyelid it looks like a variation nuda, but with a cold bias. Perfectly pigmented, soft ( remain traces of the brush), perfectly typed and tolerated, not showered. Love him very much, because once upon a time, a hundred years ago, Givenchy was limitka (metal small square box with 4 shades, anyone remember?), I loved the colors, and I wanted to find something similar, and there is an almost identical shade but with a modern twist.

Luminous — the worst, in my opinion, this palette, dry and somewhat loose, and the feeling that these shining particles do not have some kind of viscous substance. The finger is typed in bright, but tolerated no longer so tight and brilliant, the brush is good result even more difficult to achieve. Color: dark gray metal consisting of shiny particles, with a greenish-marsh low tide. Flaking when applying and throughout the day.

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Plated – another cool matte color in this palette! Bluish-gray uniform color, like a dense fog. Soft, perfectly typed on the brush and transferred, creating a smoky look, looks good solo, and as dimmable century.

The shades blend well, but I don’t like any other shade, is constantly adding some more shadows, so versatile this palette can not be called. And in General, I have developed a certain sense of incompleteness. It seems nice, but something is missing, like the little, and not take with them… Although the idea of separation of colors in this collection very interesting.

Matte shades do not cause any complaints, the quality is high, but simmeria somehow do not reach the ideal.

I took the palette with a good discount, it cost me about 1000 rubles, so the ratio price-quality is fine with me. I got two gorgeous matte shade, which, moreover, have been looking for, the two middle shimmery that I use less frequently. But in the almost 2 thousand who ask us, I really think I need it or is it more self-indulgence.

Price: about 1000 rubles for the discount on the official website

Rating: 4

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