Lime Crime Venus XS Silver

On the long-awaited novelty, the expectation/reality

After seeing the first promo Swatch on Instagram, I realized that three babies grey should be mine what happened a bit after the release of the charts😊

Packing: in pallet 4 refil that for some unknown reason I placed is not square, a rectangular box, bulky and without a mirror. Who, what? My eyes well up every time clings to the disparity.

Eyeshadow palette 2 matte & 2 shimmery shade. I think in this photo it is clear how tightly they are pressed

As is often the case, the official Swatch palettes nemnojko distort reality, just a little bit 😀

What was promised:


this switche several layers of eyeshadow applied with your finger without the base

About each shade in more detail:

Crescent: Warm grey matte

Never grey, and beige-pink, matte. Pigmentation is average, but for restoremessage color is not a minus. I liked this shade, it is a noble or something. Durability is good, easy to blend, pleasure to work with him. Like anything special, but at the expense of Rosolini looks interesting and successfully set off the color of the eyes. Of the minuses — very tightly compacted and dry Rating 4+

Sterling: Shiny silver shimmer

And here disappointment. Top silver metallic, and received not understand that: this shade with Golden shimmer loose, and if applied to the entire eyelid, or even green. Very strange color. Below the photo shows how glitter showered. Pigmentation is poor, refil hard, brush on a little of the product is typed in. Finger is better, but to achieve rendering as on the promo photo is not-re-al-but. Assessment 3

Plated: matte Deep grey

Like, the most powerful argument in favor of this palette. And again Matt! Grey, but with an interesting caveat. He’s not a warm gray, which makes eyes tired, and the gray with purple, looks very interesting and I even find it difficult to find counterparts. Characteristics similar to the previous matte: the same hard and dry, but you can work with him. Minus — they can instruct spots, which is not so easy to blend. Rating 4

Luminous: Gunmetal shimmer

And again failure. Here it is in the texture: coarse prickly sequins that fall off and slurred weakly pigmented base. The texture is so old-fashioned as for me, probably a rarity in today’s charts. Under my thumb felt rough and loose, though it’s not wet, but as dry as his three colleagues. Assessment 3

Make-up: (used a minimum of extraneous shadows, focus on the palette)

feather Crescent, Sterling on the movable securestorage the Crescent, Plated; Luminous on moving to the Sterling area

See that “silver” in the area? 😫

on a movable century Plated on top of the grey pencil in the corner Sterling, feather Crescent

They used a different shade in the area (from the Viseart palettes)

on a movable century Plated backless, feather Crescent

Well, why not decorate the matte makeup?😀

on a movable century Plated backless, feather Crescent, arrow Lime Crime Unicorn Black Diamond Crushers


Two Matt, one of them a unique gray-purple. Two crumbling shimmer that neither color nor texture I don’t like… Dilemma

If you dream, would such a palette and 5 million plus, if official photos reflect reality (and consistent with the quality of the proud name of Venus) or if it was the quality of Natasha Denona (dream?😀 ) — ready even more to pay for it. At the moment I’m rather disappointed, although, I confess, not once opened the palette for a matte.

20$price5/10оценка3 weeks, 4P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin

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