Lime Crime Wet Cherry Gloss

Not so long ago, Lime Crime has produced a fundamentally new product — a lip gloss. In the realm of matte lipsticks of the brand, this launch seemed to do something new and unusual (I never thought I would call a lip gloss charm product. On the days). Today will tell you about how I loved him, but not immediately

New glitter American brand dedicated to the cherry and its many incarnations, in my case, bitter cherry 🤔 — Bitter Cherry

Packing: large sponge, which is easy to use,the volume of only 2.96 ml. I Have a couple of months already used half

Aroma: heady smell of cherry candy. Doesn’t linger for long, which is good

The formula is a gel, does not spread, does not flow into the folds, gives a very glossy finish, almost glass. Does not stick! For me, the last point was fundamental. Very pleased with the quality of

Why not just love? Again, blame the promo pics and Swatch brand:

Fell in love with this color and must admit I was expecting more density of color, for this reason, at first I was unhappy, felt cheated😀, but then I caught myself on the fact that the hand goes to it every day, although got a lot of other interesting products, including glitter. Anger gradually gave way to the mercy (as opposed to their new mosaic Venus XS Silver )

Actually looks like glitter. Huge difference, don’t you think?

I think, even if you smear poljubaca on lips will not get the color that beckons us with promo photo. Just take it for granted, if you are satisfied with the low pigmentation and you want non-sticky gel formula, the Shine may fill this niche. About dark shades I can not say anything, but I think there is also output less pigmented product

The gloss has a wonderful ability to harmonize makeup, “dataplate” it, not standing out bright spot on the face. I love warm makeup eye, but for the life of an active focus on the eyes to complement something translucent on the lips, without a clear path, so the brilliance was indispensable.

Among the shortcomings: the smell🙄 and low resistance. Despite this, they are nice to use and add a new layer is easy, especially in this shade you can make up on the go

Here’s an unexpected sympathy with deferred😊

Not sure I would like to try darker shades in this series, but my are quite suitable for life, which proves already halved a bottle😏

18$цена9/10оценка2 month, 3P/nudeleisaibens skin Type: Combination skin

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