Limited collection eye shadow in the red range of the Very Pro


Today is difficult to surprise those who like beauty red eye makeup, and new items of similar shades continue to appear on the market. In early autumn the Belarusian brand Was pleased with the collection of 6 bright shades. They wahadat worthy of attention, but for myself, I chose three colors with which I propose to explore in this post.

I think not all readers Cosmeticly watch the news, because they are cheap, so I’ll show photos and swosti entire collection –

The collection contains 3 matte and 3 metallic shades.

Previously I was interested in 4 tone — red metallic, because it seemed that like the rest of them I already have. Then bought the 3 and 6 rooms, thinking of a beautiful and absolutely casual No. 5.

In comparison with the basic collection of shadows Was About, limidi more pigmented. Metallica is not such a loose, well-applied by brush to base, lightly hammered movements. Metallic from the permanent line I have works well only when applied with your finger or a regular rubberized sponge. Matt first found some crumbly, too dense, or what, but the makeup pokaali good.


Incredibly full bodied, rich wine shade. Rather cold in the feather body turns almost pink, foxay color.

04 Tone Fireworks

Was more orange than I thought and wanted in the beginning. A little duochrome from a warm red to copper red. Really “hot”, fiery color. Good and very nice shade together with 3 tone. I would mix them together and do something moderately shining, with a neutral undertone. Unfortunately, this color in the collection, I have to do on their own.

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Tone 06 Berry Jam

As so often happens, the tone which at first I was not looking, was the most beautiful and loved more than anyone else. Bright and calm at the same time, grape, Burgundy-purple, handsome. Looks great solo, even without darken the crease, I just lightly shade it in with a solid tone under the eyebrow and edges. Gives eyes an unhealthy appearance even without arrows (as opposed to 4 and 3).

The application of a finger without the base in the room and on the street

The brush without the base. It is seen that Metallica is a bit flaky:

Makeup with shades 3 and 4

In life, shadows on the eyes look much richer —

And shade 6 –

Overall, I think the collection turned out great. I don’t need expensive shadows in such garish shades, especially palettes. A couple odnushek 2.5.e. — what you need. The colors are unusual, beautiful, “trendy”. Quite decent new!

Price is 2.5.e. (5 Belarusian rubles), in the sale should appear refile a little cheaper.

Rating — 5 metallics, matte shade 4.

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