Limited collection Yves Rocher “Nuit Vanille”


Hello, girls????

The Yves Rocher company I love for their libicki, which always turn out very interesting and of high quality.

This year, the company has provided us with three limited-edition collection celebrating the new year:

  • Bulk Apple
  • Fragrant tea
  • Night vanilla

All new fragrances I really liked, each has its own zest and appeal. Of course, my wishlist has desired vanilla collection, because it represented not only beauty, but also decorative. Besides, the vanilla theme is one of my favorites, and on cold winter evenings the aroma of vanilla is the most pleasant indulgence, I think.

The official website is limitu vanilla snapped up like hot cakes (apparently I’m not the only one lover Vanilli). As soon as I discovered this fact, I ran into a physical store Yves Rocher in our city to try to catch the remnants of this line.

I must admit, I was lucky and I got the following representatives of the family vanilla)))

  • Perfumed candle “Night vanilla”/ Bougie Candle “Vanille Nuit”
  • Perfumed oil for the soul “Night vanilla”/ Perfumed shower gel “Nuit Vanille”
  • Perfume “Night vanilla”/ Eau de tollette “Nuit Vanille”
  • Illuminating powder “Night vanilla”/ Duo Enlumineur — Highlaghter Dou “Nuit Vanille”

Perfumed candle “Night vanilla”/ Bougie Candle “Vanille Nuit”

Frankly, never before my eyes fell on the candle. I thought they were a waste of money, and not small. Yes, I have a few candles from Auchan that it smells the same vanilla and cherry and are no more than 150r. But in the case of the candle Yves Rocher something went wrong))) I recently completed the renovation in the living room and, again, picked up various accessories for decorating to create a cozy and harmonious atmosphere. And this candle was extremely important for me, because it perfectly fit into the interior.

Of course, I understand the difference between cheap candles and segment a little more expensive. Candle Yves Rocher insanely beautifully furnished — high frosted glass dark blue color with a grayish undertone + graceful figure. The aroma is very sweet and delicate, vanilla in the most subtle option. It’s not candy confectionery, namely perfume vanilla theme. Volume — 180gr, so enough of this candle for a very long time.

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After she finished, I plan to use the Cup as a repository for jewelry. In my opinion, a very good investment))) And accessory for the Christmas cheer, and the box in the future)

beautiful design
a large amount of
pleasant aroma
be useful in the future)))price

680₽цена10/10оценка2 weeks, 3P/nudeleisaibens

Perfumed oil for the soul “Night vanilla”/ Perfumed shower gel “Nuit Vanille”

As for oil for the soul, for him I had to hunt. In one of the shops he was long out of print, but second — I was lucky) I had oil shower with Bourbon vanilla, and is the only means of their base line with vanilla, which is not irritating to the skin and mucous membranes. Here are the facts, all other products, especially shower gel, pinching my eyes, I think, because of the very intensive fragrances. But my husband, for example, such problems did not arise, therefore, we assume that only my body manifests the reaction.

Oil shower vanilla snow is produced in a volume of 200 ml.

The bottle is designed in the same style as the entire line: classic brand bottle placed dark blue sticker with the product description. All copyrights reserved, just, but at the same time nice and tasteful.

The oil has a Golden-honey color, viscous texture and very pleasant fragrance. In contrast to the flavor of “Bourbon vanilla”, it is more delicate and powdery. The skin is a light mist that nice to go to bed. Oil well to foam, but not as a shower gel, of course))) But absolutely does not dry the skin, on the contrary, makes it soft, smooth and nourished.

pleasant aroma
does not dry the skin
does not cause irritation
moisturizes and nourishes the skin
leaves a pleasant scent on the skin
economically, itself did not find

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350₽цена10/10оценка2 weeks, 1P/danapalooza skin Type: Normal skin, sensitive skin

Perfume “Night vanilla”/ Eau de tollette “Nuit Vanille”

Sensual aroma of Vanilla combined with fresh citrus notes.
Toilet Water will wrap you in a warm aroma of woody notes of Vanilla, which also sound the gentle notes of Bergamot, Jasmine and Cedar.

In my collection there are several options that can be categorized as “Vanilla,” but I NEED more… and all here))) can’t say that he was delighted with the toilet water “Night vanilla”, but I must admit that she was pleasantly surprised. The flavor is not complex (which is not surprising, because this is mono version), not sweet and not cloying. After applying can feel the alcohol, but after a few minutes reveals a subdued perfume and vanilla. As with the entire line, the fragrance is not a pastry, it would be desirable to eat in the form of vanilla scones with tea. Toilet water reveals delicate powder, vanilla notes, as if they had diluted the coolness of the night, which we breathe in when returning in the winter evening home. I like this fragrance on me, that’s the way it feels on the skin. Thanks to the warmth of the body he becomes a little warmer and cozier.

Resistance is small, about 3-4 hours. But I often put it over another perfume, and then it seems that it sounds longer and more interesting.

Packaging, by the way, is standard for the perfumes of Yves Rocher. A volume of 100 ml.

If you are a lover of vanilla, cozy and relaxing scents, then this perfume should you like)))

beautiful packaging
pleasant aroma
complements other fragrances
boudjenane resistant

990₽цена10/10оценка2 weeks, 2P/danapalooza

Illuminating powder “Night vanilla”/ Duo Enlumineur — Highlaghter Dou “Nuit Vanille”

And finally, move on to the decorative means is the illuminating Powder “Night Vanilla”. The collection was presented as a cream highlighter, but, first, I am a lover of powdery texture, and secondly, he had a very Golden hue, which is obviously not for my light skin.

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The tool is Packed in a round box with a dark blue matte cardboard, decorated with Christmas ornaments. Although simple, the packaging looks very gently and stylishly, it constantly wants to hold hands and admire the beauty within.

The content is a powder, consisting of two shades — pearl and light bronze. When they mix it turns out something like the color of champagne, which I love in hiliter) in Winter you can wear a pearl tint, and bronze in the summer. The result is an all-season product???? that can not but rejoice.

The powder is very finely ground and feels silk to the touch. On skin gives a moist radiant overflow, which looks very noble and expensive. Some large glitter in this powder is the highlighter not what the manufacturer thank you very much. I was afraid I was inspired by the Christmas tinsel, all manufacturers will offer us in winter collections exactly glitter, but Yves Rocher pleased)

Swatch fingershave restorefilelight tint on the zygomatic bone, bronze — under

Easy to apply, no bald spots, no pulls a tonal basis. The texture of the skin is not stressed and collapses into wrinkles. Clear perfume I have not noticed. In General deserve a beautiful highlighter that will decorate your dressing table and of course you)))

Volume — 6гр.

beautiful Shine
delicate texture
without large sequin
stylish package
universal shades
does not emphasize the texture of the skin

950 (without discounts)₽цена10/10оценка2 weeks, 1P/danapalooza

Girls, is there anything you gained from new year’s limitat from Yves Rocher ?) I have been looking for peletky shadows, but still, I’m not sure I need them.

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