Lip gloss Clinique lip gloss pop splash+hydration tint 02 Caramel pop

Glitter I love more than a matte lipstick, the glitter was back in fashion. So happy to try new items. The last purchase of Clinique pop splash lip gloss+hydration.

This gloss promises hydration, but for me this is a major advantage.

I have shade Сaramel pop 02 – the lightest shade in the line. This is a straight Nude-Nude, repeats the exact color of my lips. Not to them and not stand out. On the hand looks a little brighter than on the lips. Shade matte.

The packaging is unusual, the bottle is short and thick. Compact — take up little space, and sustainable confidence is on the shelf. Sponge comfortable, classic.

Pop splash moderately thick, easy to apply and feels comfortable on the lips throughout the day. Super vitality is not marked, is no different from other glosses.

But what about moisture? I agree that Pop splash hydrates and softens the lips, however, no more than other good lip glosses middle and luxury segment.

Glitter is not going along the mucosa, although this effect I have not seen for a long time.

Of the minuses: I notice that the glitter is falling asleep in the folds of her lips.

Due ludowego shade that’s noticeable only to me. If you close your lips, it is distributed evenly. In my case it is not critical, but what about the bright and dark shades? That is why I do not venture to recommend this glitter. Although… hint of caramel pop suggest safely!

Volume: 4,3 ml

Price: 1500-2000 rubles.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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