Lip gloss Inglot JLO #J229 Burnt Sienna

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Glitter from Inglot collaboration and JLo. This is possible and not to continue the story, because it is clear that it is the shining gold and bronze palette, beige-sudovye shades on the lips, always with a creamy finish, or perfect red, and leather, which is “to Shine”) But believe me, even if You don’t close this way, this glitter shade is universal and it can be used in almost any makeup.

I love these kind of shades, so the choice was agonizing-I wanted everything. Decided I would take one, and if you like to use-will be back for others. And it’ll soon be spring and I will get back) Because this gloss has proven himself an excellent student.

The first thing noticed are the components and commitments:

  • Vitamin E
  • Apricot kernel oil: has a moisturizing, softening and smoothing properties; contains vitamins A and E
  • Emollients create a protective layer on the skin that prevents moisture evaporation, and at the same time continuously hydrate the skin of lips. Soothing and smoothing properties

And of course I couldn’t resist a glossy finish and subtle Golden shimmer, rather Golden sparkling “dust”.

The texture of the gloss is not sticky, apply and spread without any problems. But it is really stable (as it can be resistant glossy Shine), that is, the snack stand, but leave the lights remain the color, and lips will be like after a balm, but with a little update and perfect surface of the water is restored. The only things I will caution-if you apply lip gloss sooooo intense, it can flow into the folds (saw it when the photo was applied in several layers). But since I don’t like this option use this problem I avoided.

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The gloss is very pleasant, unobtrusive fruity fragrance. Design concise. Nothing more, “prof” as he is: frosted cap, clear bottle with Golden neck and a modest inscription-as a reminder that it’s still a collection of JLo. The sponge is a small, rounded, velvety-very convenient, it has no complaints.

Hue – Burnt Sienna J229 first sight is a warm beige Nude which not brightens and brightening, but on the lips it becomes more red, probably depends on your own personal pigmentation.

For a complete picture of the makeup using Inglot JLO #J229 Burnt Sienna

Volume 5.5 ml


Price: 1600 roubles

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