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Spring came Lime Crime lip gloss with cherry flavor — Wet Cherry. To resist and not to buy a novelty it was beyond my control. Let’s take a look!

Shine bright for lips is packaged in bright pink packaging with metallic red title and cherries. Look very cute and girly. The name of the shade is seen as always on top on the box and on the bottom of the bottle.

The glitter is in a clear plastic bottle with pink plastic cap. Bottle without sharp edges, plump. Looks simple but cute. The applicator is a sponge, in my opinion, is huge. At first I was extremely unpleasantly surprised. But it turned out to be quite convenient. It is moderately soft and is gaining in time a sufficient amount of product.

Scent gloss cherry jam rather than cherry tree. It’s sweet, cherry — vanilla, without acidity. Very nice. Its not feel.

Falls Shine perfectly in the folds of the lips a little numb, but the circuit is not running. Huge plus — it is not sticky and persistent. For that I could forgive him and applicator, and other little things. Stoically withstand a light dinner and does not lose gloss 4-5 hours. Converges uniformly.

On lips On hand

Rating: 5

Price: 18€

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