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Good day to all.

After a successful experience with the brand Parisa in the form of a beautiful lipstick, I decided to buy a few makeup products, among which I chose a lip gloss in a delightful shade of this warm autumn.

In fact, I often consciously manipulate these products side for obyknovennoi stickiness which is peculiar to the glitter, but love the gloss and the mirror coating overcomes common sense.

What can you say about the packaging?

Cheap to madness, I think the manufacturer tried to repeat the design liquid lipsticks Kylie and added at the same time his vision of the gravels of prints of lips on the surface of the tube. This figure breaks very quickly and overwritten.

Why is this, and what I absolutely don’t like it. Let less is more and it concerns the design of the tubes.

The amount of the usual for me — 8 oz, it seems to me that the average number of product in that format.

My shade is 39, what a pity that he doesn’t have beautiful names. If possible I would have given him the name ” Serenity“, these are the associations I have with this color.

The fragrance I did not notice and it’s great. If she was the same as design, I would not have survived.

Pleased with the applicator. Seriously. It is very convenient, in the form of a spatula, it is not bent and it is exactly what I need. The limiter is also good, thanks to him, on brush no excess Shine.

I really like the color of this gloss. Beautiful faceted Golden color, with a touch of bronze and a scattering of small sequins that create a visual effect multi-faceted color. In the tube it looks very nice.

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When applied for example on hand to povucite, the Shine sure seems not as intense, but rather gently and moderately bright.

On the lips I’m happy with the color rendition, in my opinion, it’s okay. The peeling and splits, he certainly does not emphasize, and to be honest I haven’t seen the glosses complained about it.

He absolutely is not liquid, but rather a gel-like texture so you can wear it without lip liner, because it stays on the lips perfectly without spreading.

Glitter Paris has an average durability and can withstand a few hours on my lips without meal. He doesn’t roll with white stripes at the junction of the lips, and has a nice moment: he almost does not have tack. It is almost not noticeable and not noticeable.I don’t like sticky glosses, as they glued his lips and stick him to the hair if wearing from her.

Parisa Shine in the daylight in a single layer.Shine Parisa in a single layer in the sun.

I can’t say about the food, but I’m with him comfortable in cold weather and when it was warm enough, but if we analyze this moment in the warm weather with them on my lips I feel a lot better.

It smoothes the surface of lips and after begins to disappear the effect of gloss, making them soft and smooth. After the Shine does not need balm.

Layering it without problems. It only becomes more beautiful and enhances the beauty of lips. It absolutely does not weigh down and not felt on the lips, this also applies to sequins, which are inside. They are weightless.

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Parisa Shine when applied in multiple layers.

Remove this gloss I micellar water, this is no problem.

When the gloss is absorbed and gradually losing his lips, he does it beautifully on the lips is barely noticeable brilliant scattering.

Lips after the Shine is coming off and after removing the cloth.

This gloss I can also take simple cloth and after removing the lips feel a slight refreshing chill as similar products that visually enhance lips.

Do I like this product? Mostly Yes, but there are times that it would be good to work on, this mainly applies to packaging design.

Manufacturer: China

Cost: about 250 rubles.

Term of use: more than 14 times.

Rating: 4- ( packing) and 5 for the product.

Thank you all for your attention.

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