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Love sudovym the shades of makeup I confess each of his post about cosmetics), I like all shades of brown and beige, which I occasionally diluted pink tones.

So, lip gloss Prestige Garden Sweet Kiss

About the brand:
solargeneration GARDEN Prestige cosmetics-the result of years of activities of the Anglo-American lab “Garden Decor” — one of the world’s leading developers of cosmetics for the film industry. GARDEN Prestige made in Taiwan under strict quality control by the specialists of “Garden Decor”. By using the latest production technologies and marketing, brand Prestige GARDEN is developing dynamically, conquering more and more markets. Worthy of the niche it occupied, in particular, and in our country.
In large cosmetic stores the brand means you probably will not find. This gloss I found in a small Department budget cosmetics from neighboring countries. Google suggested a few online stores, where you can also buy tools Garden Prestige.
Palette glitter line Sweet Kiss includes a large number of shades, from completely transparent to deep brown. There are lip glosses with shimmer, and glossy. In total I counted about seventy shades.
I was choosing between several brown specimens, eventually bought shade number 14.

The pile of the applicator is soft and even three-dimensional. Male pattern baldness has not yet started). Gaining the perfect amount of gloss for a single full coloration of the lips.
The scent is light, I hear the faint sour, but she quickly disappears.

This gloss is a viscous gel of low density. Moderately sticky, but with her hair it is better not to wear. At least my hair and in a hurry to stick to the lips)

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Hue can be described as warm brown with a share of terracotta. But on the lips it is hardly noticeable and hardly affects the overall picture. Becomes translucent and slightly smooths the natural pigment of the lips.

Shine requires no pre-staining of the lips contour. It does not spread beyond them, not crawls on minor wrinkles.
For all the time socks are not forms even a hint of stripes at the junction of the lips. You know, some glitter this sin, but in this case, such phenomenon is not observed even if you actively talk for a long time.
Visually smoothes the relief of the lips, giving them a softness due to the gloss. The pigment is not deposited in natural cavities, and to settle there essentially nothing).
Glitter does not dry and tightens the delicate skin of the lips. On the contrary, I noticed a slight moisturizing, after make-up removal of the lips do not need to use balm.

Bare lips:

With glitter, Prestige Garden Sweet Kiss:

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