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Hello, beautiful.

On the agenda for me again lip gloss. This time I decided to closely examine a very interesting product from the brand Urban Decay.

Their products I really like in the first place so that always colors is just perfect.

The brand produces wonderful products for lips, here’s one thing I want to tell.

This lip gloss from the Hi Fi Shine in the shade Beso in Spanish this word means “kiss“. In my head immediately raised a playful Association of the passionate Spaniard, who is going to walk through the beautiful streets.

Packaging I would say ergonomic. Quite comfortable, the hand does not slip, but unfortunately it is possible to find fingerprints. This moment is present in all the glossy tubes.

The applicator is not very large, the optimal size for my small lips, which are still not very regular shape, but in the form of the face.

The limiter seems to me excellent. He was tight, and the applicator there is too much product.

We also want to highlight that the pillow is soft and movable.

Initially I wanted to write a few words about the aroma of perfumes, but I couldn’t, so this is me literally crazy.

It is the aroma of sweet mint. Natural, juicy, like she had just cut. Shine smells very bright and tasty. Before applying to lips I’m always sniffing.

My friendhas a dense texture and well due to this keeps the shape of the lips he’s not running away and not falling asleep. Not a lot because my skin is dry, so when I paint them lips, gathering the hair into a bun.

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When applied to the lips, it literally erases peeling and cracks if they exist. Instantly smoothes lips, imbue and really moisturizes.

Lips without the Shine.

In the process of using with him I feel comfortable the whole day. Despite its density, white stripes I have is not going to, but when I talk a lot, I get the feeling he glues the lips.

Glitter in daylight in the room.Glitter in the sun.Shine after several hours.

And yet…it increases the volume of the lips due to the mint/menthol in the composition , and the effect is not worse than the famous maximizer.

And maybe even better. The time when glitter is on my lips, I feel the chill, which is naturally fairly strong at first, and then barely noticeable.

After removing Shine.

Take it off micellar water without difficulty, but if I’m using just a napkin, it is torn and the lips are the particles.

The gloss has average resistance. It can print on the mug or other utensil, so before eating, I removed it from her lips.

Layering it can. It turns out beautifully, because he absolutely does not roll on the lips, and each layer smoothes the surface of lips.

The gloss is very convenient to vary, because of this I think he’s great in the daytime and at night.

The whole collection of these glosses consists of 20 attenof and 4 different effect for every taste: metallic, glossy, holographic and translucent from causing bright to soft shades nadovich.

Cost: 1660 rubles.

Volume: 7 ml

Manufacturer: USA

You can buy in the official online store and major cosmetic stores where there is a corner of the brand.

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Term of use: more than 14 times.

Rating: 4( -1 point for stickiness).

Thank you for your attention)

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