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Hello everybody! I then went to buy nodoby pencil or lipstick, and walked out of the store with another red. I looked in the direction of this line of pencils, because often, in reviews, girls use this line exactly as lipsticks and pencils I like lipstick almost never use. But once grabbed, so let’s really tell you went..

.Luxvisage lip pencil Pin Up ultra matt 208

Pencil budget, the appearance is very decent. Stylus soft, sharpening it is not difficult, but does not break when sharpening.

If we paint over the lips completely, after each use, sharpening is not necessary. Due to its texture, soft but not oily, keeps excellent shape and not worn down immediately.

Shade of red-crimson, not cold, but the orange potona it. Very beautiful and came to most of my lipsticks. That’s the shade I would call casual in red, such a beautiful, calm, elegant.

To paint over the lips fully need to try, because the stylus is not great. Fits well, no complaints. On the lips felt nice, not absolutely dry, does not spread, strong imprinting on the dishes did not notice, and never printed.

If you like pencils as lipsticks, this one, I think you will love it.

This line offers a variety of beautiful shades, so there are plenty to choose. A couple more I certainly will acquire, but exactly what sudovye.

price ( 2 $)for itself did not find

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