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Hello! I want to show the lip pencil, which can be a real boon for the girls with bright, cold pigment of the lips, for whom the majority of the shades nadovich pencils are either too beige or too red.
We met him over 2 years, it’s been 3 pencil in my collection. Not difficult to guess that I use them almost every day.
What can you say about it:
— classic pencil, sharpen with regular sharpener, it is complete, however, is not. Ideal grind it is not necessary, draws under any degree of stupidity);
— on the reverse side of the pencil has a great cushion, which can be used to shade the pencil around the contour of the lips;
— the texture of the pencil is very soft, lip scratch, not firmly fixed;
— because of a texture he is lame resistance, the pencil is erased if it is actively to touch, to eat fatty foods. But I rarely wear it solo, but applied over a liquid matte lipstick holds it, and the problem is solved;
— does not spread the glosses and creamy lipsticks;
pencil is well pigmented, but due to the softness of the feather when you can leave lumps of the pigment in the folds of the lips, although I think if you have not strongly raised lip you are such a problem will not face.

Well, finally show for what he has become my favorite. As I said, most nadovich pencils are not for me, because when I try to give the contour of my lips, color pencils lighten my pigment, or significantly redder or redder. I have been looking for a color that will be cool pink, a kind of “English rose”, and the result is purple or lilac lips.
Show Swatch:
Here, the color on the face if applied on all lips, to be the most popular shade “mauve”, if they are to select a circuit, as do I, and the center to put something more warm and light up the lips with a clear outline and volume, expressive enough, but not too bright.
Show in:
Lips Nude:
Struck on the circuit:
Specially pressed harder on the stylus, so you can see how intense it can be applied.
Restorefile was almost zero (by the way, it requires considerable effort):
Here just shows how unevenly it lies in wrinkles and folds, but it is worth considering that this is a harsh macro, and everything in life so much better.
Struck from above liquid lipstick:
And this is the photo in full:
And on the most solemn occasion in my life I also chose this pencil, but I didn’t restorefile it, but just over had her lipstick:

Let us turn to the estimates.
Pencil I like, and I can recommend it to many girls, but if he had more formula if he was not. I would be grateful if you can recommend lipsticks and lip pencils in similar shades.

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Cost: 400-500 rubles.
Objective — 4+
Subjectively — 5-

Thanks for reading.

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