Lipstick Essence glossy Butter stick love

Hello dear readers, Cosmeticly!

Today I would like to share my opinion about a lipstick from Essence “Butter stick glossy love” with cocoa butter in the stick. I have the shade 02 sweet frosting.

These lipsticks are not new, but. only had a few posts about these sticks, and they really deserve the attention!

Lipsticks released in two versions “matt” and “glossy”. The color palette is not very extensive, but the selection will not be exact.

Matte lipstick me pretty tired, and creamy texture summer love)

Lipstick packaged in a slim case, slightly thicker handle. It doesn’t occupy a lot of space and very comfortable.

The formula is very nice, creamy. On the lips, glides easily, does not require sharpening, stick a tight spot. Aroma is sweet, very tasty, but not Intrusive. On the lips I almost do not feel.

The stick is unscrewed fully. In bright sunlight the color of the leaves in brown.

The volume of the product is 2.2 grams, case-colored lipstick, and the cap number and the name of the shade.

Information on the label and stick, twisted the entire length.

The lipstick is surprisingly small. For the 3 summer months has left less than half.

No issues with the application do not arise, thanks to the neutral shade I can wear lipstick almost on the run.

Peeling it does not emphasize, and in the presence of cocoa butter in the composition, I would say that even cares!

Swatch on hand in different lighting

Lipstick great chameleonic, but in the right colour from pinkish to purplish. In bright light appears beige and caramel notes.

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For me it is “perfect Nude”))

I would not advise to apply it very thick, maybe on the lips may form a loop.

Contour keep, not running and slightly imprintedOn the hand color seems brighter and more saturated than on the lips. On the hand specially layered heavily.

On the strength to speak in this case not necessary, is a maximum of 3-4 hours, but the lipstick “balsam like” more and not needed))

Is removed by any means at hand, and of tint on the lips leaves.

Costs about 250R

Rating 5.

Thanks for reading!

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