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Today I want to share impressions about the lipstick, which I bought spontaneously, just because it was interesting, as it is with so many manufacturers is able to moisturize the lips and not drying.

The unusual case. Cap removed in difficulty.

Unfortunately, the packaging is not preserved, use lipstick more than a month and during this period left the euphoria of the purchase, leaving only an objective opinion.

shade 460 Ripper Raisin

Lipstick has long been not new, palette, Pure Color Love more than 30 shades with completely different textures ranging from matte, pearl and glossy, finishing with a radiant shimmer.

In spite of intense and bright hue lipstick bribed by the presence of shining particles. With shimmer to give lips a light sheen and layering lipstick to achieve a deeper and more vivid colors.

I like the fact that the color intensity can be adjusted.

A few facts that can be noted immediately:

• the lipstick has no smell

• this shade on the lips slips badly, so the first application I put in to drive traffic. I think, all due to the presence of shimmer.

• lipstick lies comfortable, does not dry the lips, but rather softens them. I am a person with eternally dry lips and know what they are talking about.

• quite high durability, 3-4 hours without a snack. During the meal melts evenly and does not flow into the folds. Just leaves a light pigment.

Lipstick applied in a single layer .

Lipstick applied in two layers.

The most intense and dense coating of lipstick. The color is most saturated.

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In conclusion, I can say that the lipstick is Estée Lauder pure color love made me happy, but all my requirements was held at the highest rating of 5. Most likely the color does not become a favorite, so treat it calmly, but for the comfort and hydration it deserves attention!

Lipstick in the image.

If the fault of the shortcomings can be noted not the most convenient case. I frankly, do not always the first time you can open the lipstick. Also worth noting is the unusual cut that can suit the tastes of all. Personally, I like this format the stick did not help faster or better to hold a steady path. However, the shortcomings are more technical in nature, so my score 5 small .

Manufacturer: Belgium

Price: 950 rubles with the discount.

I hope my review was helpful.

If anything, I’m Xenia.

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