Lipstick eyebrow Top Kiss NY Brow tint in taupe

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Dear friends, have long wanted to show you the tool for eyebrows, which I have in the course of that 6 months is the best, in my opinion, lipstick for eyebrows price categories: from 500 rubles.

Lipstick eyebrow Top Kiss NY Brow tint in taupe

The first thing that attracted me to this lipstick — the shade and then it turned out that she has a lot of advantages.

Packing here the standard — normal jar, proceed directly to the texture. It is plastic, very soft, amenable to overlaying and does not set firmly, with slightly captures the hairs. If you missed, touch up makeup, you can almost finger. This implies the fact that the strength from her medium, that is, if you’re rubbing your eyebrows during the day, it smudges. I don’t normally do, and I’m satisfied with durability. But because of this there are other advantages: the tool is quickly removed with a cotton pad at the end of the day, and the product itself in the jar does not dry at all. I use this lipstick for six months continuously, and even left a jar open, and she withered away nothing, while, for example, the lipstick from Anastasia, I almost immediately turned to stone. During this time the lipstick I’ve used up about one-third, but I wear makeup every day. I guess with daily use it will last around a year. For the price this is a godsend!

In the line, if not mistaken, 6 shades, they are all very good, there are perfect shades for brunettes. My shade of taupe is quite light cool brown, who in these products is rare, so I immediately took to this tool is its attention. It is really cold without a single hint of reddishness is I say, the man who has almost everything on the eyebrows looks red or red) Maybe someone of you will be thinking — why would I use such a light brunette shade, but I do it consciously — I think brunettes should choose the eyebrow a little lighter color of their hair, as otherwise the eyebrows are too graphic and noticeable, it’s heavier. I love how this shade looks on me, well it will look on the blonde with brown hair — with the exception that owners of very light or very dark hair. I also note that the photo of the product in the bottle looks lighter than it is in the case.

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So “awesome” look my eyebrows without all this makeup.

Conclusion: great product for the money, but keep in mind that it is not particularly persistent.

Use life: more than 6 months.

Rating: 5+

Price: a little more than the 500r.

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