Lipstick for the sweet tooth, shampoo with the “mirror effect” and other beauty innovations of the week

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Scrub-jelly for the body, a collection of brushes for makeup on all occasions, toothpaste with silver, emulsion, promising to replace the cream and serum, and other novelties of autumn.

Mask-primer All in OPE Мinute Mac, Shu Uemura (3 800 rubles)

The idea of creating a morning facial masks originated from Yuji Asano, lead international makeup artist Shu Uemura, when he worked backstage at the shows:
We usually have very little time to prepare the skin models, so we needed an innovative tool that could provide a deep hydration of the skin and would discomfort the models. You can apply a mask while going to work or eating Breakfast. Non-woven backing easily conforms to the face shape and perfectly kept. Just one minute — and your skin is ready for makeup. The mask not only makes skin soft and moisturized, but also protects from the effect “fat pancake”. Extract Japanese organic rice helps to control the oxidation of sebum and keep make intact as long as possible.

Lipstick-lip gloss Laque Supreme, Shu Uemura (2 200 rubles)

Inspired by Japanese lacquerware (urushi), the brand has released a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish and non-sticky texture. Formula Laque Supreme when applying transforms from a highly concentrated oil-water emulsion in medium with a cell structure, whereby the brilliance is not flowing and stand a couple of hours (such tools already record).

A thin applicator in the form of drops especially useful to paint the corners of the lips, and contour pencil you do not need. The collection includes 16 glossy fashion shades: translucent beige nude beige to bright red signature red.

Collection of brushes for makeup Yury Stolyarov and Tatiana Nikonorova

Brush — almost the most valuable thing in the case of a makeup artist. Several classroom assistants we have found in the joint collection of makeup artist Yuri Stolyarov and “expert on the design of the look” (don’t ask) and working with the eyebrows Tatyana Nikonorova Nikanorovoj & Stolyarov. Double-sided brush from artificial pile NS Kim (named after the infamous lover of contouring Kim Kardashian, apparently) is perfect for applying powder, a highlighter and tone. Brush NS Stella (900 rubles) with a thin beveled cut convenient to draw the brow (it is used for applying a fatty, wax, gel, cream, pressed, hard and soft textures).

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Brush NS Jennifer (700 rubles) to “you” with a bright lipstick and the capricious contours of the lips. Flat brush from taklon — lady self, she will draw the perfect lips, create a clear outline and apply the lipstick. And don’t forget that brushes should be washed at least once a week. You can use the sponge (445 rubles) or spray (850 rubles), which will gently remove product residues with a cloth while a couple of days the brush is not “bald”.

Cream, scrub, jellies and other novelties from the collection of shower products by Sephora Collection (from 290 rubles)

To create the line for the soul of the brand Sephora Collection was inspired by the things most associated with happiness. For example, running barefoot on the grass, light-hearted pillow fight, sunbathing, cheerful morning and a wild party. The line includes: melting the gel in the original packaging in the form of capsules, body scrub with small exfoliating granules, aromatic veil for body, moisturizing body lotion with non-sticky texture, cream-gel for body, soap-hand foam and effervescent asterisk (this is the analogue of “bombs”). All in cheerful bottles and with pleasant scents.

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Night renewing serum Night Treatment Actyva Bellessere, Kemon (1 300 rubles)

And again vegan Kemon brand pleases fans with new products. This fall in the range of the brand appeared regenerating serum to give the hair silkiness. Inside is a mix of argan and linseed oils.

Apply the concentrate need at night for all length of hair (roots is still better to leave untouched). Afraid to Wake up in the morning with oily and dirty hair is not necessary — the serum has a lightweight formula and doesn’t contain silicones. Hair will be manageable, smooth, soft and incredibly shiny.

Cream for hands and nails La Creme Texture Riche Main Chanel (3 695 rubles)

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Mademoiselle Chanel created his first cream in 1927. After 90 years Chanel experts introduced his modern version of La Creme Main. And this year, the roster was updated and released in a more rich and dense texture with a marked Texture Riche. The magic effect of the cream provide the two key ingredients: wax may rose fields in Grasse (it softens the skin, enveloping it with a protective layer that retains moisture) and iris extract, which is responsible for the bleaching effect.

For food meet all of the familiar glycerin and Shea butter. Your companion for next autumn and winter, “dressed” not in the usual tube, and glossy capsule, which resembles a pebble moulded by the sea and perfectly fits in your hand. Under the cover is a retractable inner capsule that protects the contents from contact with air and contamination.

Toothpaste Splat Special (235 rubles)

In a series of toothpaste Splat Special (which unites familiar to fans of the brand best sellers such as black toothpaste Blackwood, gold Gold and hot Chili) replenishment. The collection was enriched by two new products — fresh toothpaste gel Silver with the silver in an active form, an extract of Perilla and peppermint essential oil and pasta Off Stress with lemon balm extract and grapefruit, which gently whitens teeth.

Now means even more natural composition. Of it completely removed the parabens, SLS, PEG, saccharin and artificial dyes.

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