Lipstick Long-lasting lipstick in 06 Barely There Essence

Good time of day!

Sure that the brand Essence is familiar to many. Today I will show you interesting lipstick from the range.

My opinion:

Despite the large range and very affordable prices, I have from Essence is just a couple of products, one of which is lipstick.

If briefly — the lipstick is luxurious. The color is hard to describe, see photo) I would call it toponym, there are plum, muted rose, chocolate and a dash of appropriate dullness. Interestingly, when the lipstick I got, I took her prospaltella a couple of times, removed and forgotten. Then I again caught the eye, I used and fell in love. Me the color choice, it complements my make-up as light, casual, and makeup with emphasis on eyes.

Nice creamy texture, comfortable, is applied evenly. Not dry, even a little moisture. Can highlight only a very serious peeling. Gives the effect of a classic lipstick, without the expressed Mat or gloss.

At the expense of durability, this lipstick is not as stable as opaque. The tea party will survive, but after lunch needs to be corrected. Thus due to the muted shade comes down very gently. Is removed by any means make-up remover. Has a classic fondant flavor.

Packing plastikowa modest, but reliable enough for the time you use it is not broke.

Layer politeley lipomata in the image

Testing period: 3 months

Price: 250 RUB.

Rating: 5

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