Lipstick L’oreal Paris Color Riche x Balmain shade Glamazone

Jump into the last car and talk about the last collection of lipsticks from L’oreal in collaboration with the infamous Balmain. Long I was going to purchase these gorgeous lipsticks in a luxurious packaging, now I have the malachite cover shade Glamazone, color taupe, pretty courageous for a mass market charm.

The packaging says that the lips, on the official website says that it is matte (in fact, it’s something between).

Some color can be intimidating, but it has many advantages, first, it is multifunctional, it is not only good creamy matte lipstick, but not bad sculptor for the face, I’m a fan of the dry texture, but sometimes you want variety and I use L’oreal Paris Color Riche, if you do not overdo it, you can get a natural result, as if you woke up with beautiful cheekbones.

clean lipProduct is used as a shadow (mounted to the top shade from The Balm Insane jane of the Shady Lady palettes and brown shadows from Mac’s tinted fold), sculpture and of course lipstick.

The lipstick has a perfume, a classic, like all Color Riche, I like it, texture is creamy, lip-glides, but plesivec, the shade needs layering, the food will not survive on the glasses will be imprinted, but that’s okay, she’s not declared as super resistant. If you don’t touch the food and water, the lipstick lasts very well throughout the day, in folds isn’t moisturizing, dry not stressed, behaving decently. If you use an additional pencil and the color is even richer and more persistent.

The left Swatch feathered, the second applied in 1 layer, the third layer 2.

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For the price I am more than happy, got more than expected: a sculpturing product, a lipstick and cream shadow (it is better to fix dry advanced), in General, no complaints, everything I like, there are disadvantages, but they still fade.

Price: 550

Rating: 5

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