Lipstick MAC Lipstick Maker: Kate Clapp. To pay tribute to the veteran of the beauty of blogging


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Let me tell you today about a limited edition lipstick MAC, released in conjunction with blogger Kate Clapp. I have to say, I bought it myself, I did not provide it for review and I can give evidence, if necessary. Explain that, in order to prevent a tantrum from alert citizens. Thank you for understanding.

If you wonder whether Katya Klep, create the perfect Nude, welcome under kat.

So, perhaps I’ll start with the fact that Kate Clapp began my massive passion for makeup. In the winter of 2013 I avidly watched her playlist Likes, where she talked about the favorite foods of the past month (or two, or six months). Reviewing these videos several times, I realized that somewhere on the Internet there is a whole body of information about cosmetics supplied are not official representatives of the brands and ordinary users. I moved from Kati to other beauty bloggers, some of them heard about the reviews on some of the., went to our favorite portal, is mired in tons of beautiful reviews about cosmetics, about a year have read, bought, enjoyed, delved into the subject. Three years ago in September 2015, are ripe for writing your first post.

It was a very great years, but in my heart left a lot of warmth to my first steps in this fascinating world of cosmetics, where I spent Katya Klep. I continue to look, and when it was announced the launch of lipstick that MAC has offered to do it, I thought that unless it is something absolutely inadequate, it is necessary to buy even just as a souvenir.

I watched with interest a video where Katya showed his trip to Canada and the process of creating this lipstick in the lab. The concept was rather unoriginal to me. In fact, she decided to create the perfect Nude, calling it the color of your lips. The logic was that she’s getting a lot of compliments about the lipstick when the lips are not painted. Well why not, I thought. Although I had many doubts. Still, the nuances, the shades, the color types play a big role. And that what suits one, another will spoil. I was looking through pictures on Instagram, see how the lipstick looks on different girls. We must admit that, in General, was a failing of the variations was not. On very dark lipstick girls sometimes looked a little pale, but I have a theory that they made it too tight. Plus it is impossible to discard completely the point that we all have different cameras, different screens, different color correction, well in the end someone pictures is ruled by editors.

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But let’s proceed directly to the lipstick.

Of course it would be much more interesting if the bloggers were given the opportunity to create the design of the lipstick tube. But of course to print cardboard packaging is much cheaper, so the design was changed only in them. And the lipstick is in the classic black MAC box. I love these boxes, they are made with high quality, nice lie in his hand.

lipstick to stick for electric lighting

Stick is always the shape of a finger. Convenient for drawing the contour and corners of the lips. The lipstick texture is described as “satin finish”. That is, it is not matte. Although I would challenge this idea. The amount is 3 grams.

stick to the daylight in front of the window

Lipstick is applied fairly tightly. The photo on the left is one layer, right four. One layer has a more brownish reddish undertone. Layering becomes more cold and pink. I think that shows how to hand it in several layers already looks dry. Perfume classic for MAC — vanilla.

On the lips it lies far from ideal. First, it looks very dry, though I put it in a single layer. She laid down on my peeling at the junction of the lips. Stressed, though not very strongly, the whole terrain of the lips. But we must pay tribute, light shade not huddled in my vertical folds of the lips. It’s definitely a plus.


My lips are the problem, always very dry. But MAC lipsticks all the time I play the lottery. Some hints of dried my lips, and some with the same texture — no. For example, the new matte lipstick Powder Lipstick Kiss my lips not dry at all, and looks cool, especially the darker shades. I actually went to the store for shade Burning Love, but it left neither on the website nor in the store. Took the lipstick Kate Clapp, who was in the shopping list fall-back option.

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daylight in an hour

By the way, over time, the lipstick, like sits on the lips, and the relief becomes less noticeable. Maybe it’s the warm lips, which makes lipstick more plastic. Resistance in this instance of a standard cream lipstick. Will last three hours, if do not eat, drink, talk and breathe. In this particular case, I would not renew lipstick, applying a new layer over the old. It is best to wipe the remnants and apply again.

daylight in front of the window

Of course all of this can be seen when looking at the lipstick under the microscope. In the life of any person approaching you on the meter, these flaws will not notice. Overall, the lipstick is in shade. Not made me a corpse, and Barbie didn’t get it done. While I confess honestly, my lips shade darker. Lipstick and lightly erase them from the face. In the limit, but nonetheless.


3, the lipstick is not extremely bad, but to call it good, I can not. Looks dry, lips dry, though not matte, is not the best way. Something Kate messed superfluous. But lipstick will remain with me as a souvenir and memory of the pleasant years of my youth. Overall, I will recommend to spend this amount on a lipstick from the line of Powder Kiss, they succeeded much better.


1480 rubles without discounts

Hope that could be useful for you. And to save you from unnecessary spending or Vice versa made for a new wishlist. Sure that the girl with good lips will appreciate this lipstick because the shade she is really nice. Not afraid of the word universal, as do girls with very different looks this lipstick did not look bad.

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Thank you very much, I spent a few minutes with me. I am very pleased and valuable your attention! Tell me, did you poproboval this limido?

It is necessary to remove gray sunglasses, the world is full of bright colors.


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