Lipstick Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Powder in shades #Chilling Grey 25 and #30 Concrete Jungle

Hello! Provocative two shades of Maybelline lipstick from a new line of “Powder Matte” under the cut.

Today I will show you two lipsticks that were purchased as soon as I saw them. The first was in #30, a similar shade to “Chill Zone”, but Smashbox, who is also in the plans of acquisition. For the second returned the same day.

So, show:

Shade#25 Chilling Grey (“grey Cooling”) — purple lips-purple with a grey undertone. On the lips sometimes “NeonIT”. The stand in the store the color was more “relaxed” and less bright.

Shade#30 Concrete Jungle (“jungle”) is on the lips of gray-purple, passing in a very “cool” brown.

Both colors in place (the top #30, bottom #25):

In the photo it is noticeable that the grey shade (#30) “is” worse.

Before displaying the photo on the lips, I note a couple of drawbacks:

  • a strong perfume. In my opinion, sickeningly sweet scent that is present in all of the lipsticks of the line “Color Sansational”, glossy and matte or even all of the lipsticks of the brand;
  • application. When applied on lip contour, the lipstick seems “tight” and “rubber”. Because of this, the contour is blurred. With the gray tint that came out especially clearly. But comes to the aid of a brush, which you can fill in “bald spots” and shade heterogeneity without problems. Lip pencil in a similar shade as well “save” the situation, but these colors I have no(. On the lips the lipstick feels very “soft” and “fat” like butter. But the coating is not quite uniform. Perhaps it depends on such unusual and sophisticated shades.
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From the pros:

  • comfort on the lips. Absolutely does not dry the lips despite the matte texture. Pleasant to wear as a cream on the lips.
  • the uniqueness and brightness of shades. No matter what anyone talked about “corpse” lips, I wear them in the mood with great pleasure. Especially in the cold, gray time of year. Many similar shades, certainly, are cause for rejection. As they say, “on taste and color”.

The photo on the lip made by the window. Both lipsticks applied from the stick in a single layer:

Shade #25 Grey Chilling:

#30 Concrete Jungle

Of course, as the macro lips do not look in real life. All very bearable.

Lipsticks I like are, of course, not ideal, but the shades — super, wear.

In the line there is still a dark green (!), but sales have not seen it yet.

Both lipsticks made in China.

Rating: 5 for color, 4 for a strong scent and the difficulty in drawing the contour of the lips from the stick.

Price: 399 rubles each.

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